Thursday, September 10, 2009

Flab to Fab: OK, So Maybe It Is A Diet (For Now)

So, my first week living as a healthy person was, um, well, decidedly not healthy.

On Friday night, my mom and I ordered a pizza. (To be fair, we have money issues right now so it was a cheap, yet delicious, option)

On Sunday, I think I probably drank an entire 2-liter bottle of soda. I don't know why I drank so much. (But this was also the only day I managed to exercise!)

On Tuesday, I bought ice cream. More specifically Publix-brand (another reason why you should love Publix - they have the most delicious ice cream anywhere!) Chocolate Trinity ice cream. Dark chocolate ice cream, chocolate chip chunks, and fudge. Ohhh, my goodness. It is heaven in a bowl. Wouldn't be that considered healthy? Dark chocolate is very healthy!

And let's just forget Wednesday and today even existed. I was just too far gone by then.

And, throughout this week, I've been thinking about my journey through Weight Watchers. In the beginning, yes, it feels like a diet. But if we knew how to eat and live healthy lives...wouldn't we be doing it already? The truth is, we know what a healthy lifestyle looks like - we just don't know how to implement it.

Weight Watchers teaches you how to live a healthy lifestyle. You have your "Eight Healthy Guidelines" which are 8 habits you want to achieve every day (everything from drinking liquids to taking a multivitamin). I did think of this plan as a diet at the beginning of my time. As I kept tracking my foods, I began noticing what foods kept me fuller longer and what foods I had to keep out of the house. After a few months being on the plan, I was able to calculate Points totals in my head and tally up my Points throughout the day in my head.

So this is where I am right now. I don't know how to live a healthy lifestyle. I know what one looks like but not how to live it. So perhaps I will be on a diet for a while. But as I continue on this weight loss journey, I believe things will start to become second-nature for me.

It just can't be so free anymore. I felt myself giving myself too much leeway. My reasoning? This week, I'm just working on drinking more water. But that doesn't mean I need to buy a carton of ice cream or eat 3 pieces of pizza for dinner.

So, I will truly be starting this healthy lifestyle tomorrow. And I'm going to do it with a "diet" mindset in mind. I will be writing down every single thing I eat. I didn't do that last week and I really think I need to get back into the habit of being diligent about tracking my food. When I was tracking (and doing it right), the pounds were flying off.

And I also want to exercise 5 days this week (as opposed to the 1 last week...). I really want to be able to run in the 5k Turkey Trot race this Thanksgiving. I've done it the past 3 years but only ran it once (and not even the whole way). I would love to be able to run the whole thing!

Lastly, I really need to drink more water. It's sick how much soda I drink on a daily basis. My ultimate goal is to take soda completely out of my life. You don't know how jealous I am of people who only drink water and drink soda occasionally, if at all. I want to be YOU!

So here we go. Flab to fab, part two. (And this time, I'm for REAL!)
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