Friday, April 9, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday, Vol. 9

One. This is my first Quick Take in over a month. And I know I said I would stop with the meme’s, yet this is my second one this week. But whatever. My blog, my rules. I felt like having a somewhat normal blogging schedule this week.

Two. Can I just brag about myself a little? This week of school has been amazing! I had my cover page and cover story due for my magazine, which amounts to 5 pages. My professor has not been kind with his criticism of my work this semester. I’m sitting at a 71% and hanging by a thread. My past projects have not been good. Needless to say, I was very nervous for his feedback. I call him the “Simon Cowell of design.”

So, I had my cover page and cover story critiqued. And then response was overwhelming. My classmates loved my design! My professor said, and I quote, that it was "very happy with it.” That’s the best praise I could ever receive from him. Needless to say, I was walking on the clouds!

The next day, I went to my law class and nervously anticipated my law exam grade. I’ve been really nervous about this class. It’s one of those once-a-year classes that only is available in the Spring. And it’s a required class. If I fail this class, I’ll have to wait until May 2011 to graduate, instead of December 2010. On my last two exams, I’ve received a 68% and a 76%. And I studied my butt off for those two grades. I felt like I did better on this exam but was so nervous to get my score.

And I received a 91%. That, my friends, is an exceptional score. My professor put an exclamation mark beside my score and gave me a little smile when I saw my score. And now I officially love my law class.

Three. I have a 5K race to run tomorrow. I’m not excited about it, mainly because I know I won’t be able to run the whole thing. I started over using Couch-to-5K and just finished the first week! I’m hoping to be able to run a mile, walk a mile, and run my last mile. But I’ve also been dealing with shin splints. I’m pretty sure it has to do with my shoes, since they’re pretty worn out. I’ve only had them for 6 months but I have to wear them every day for work so they get a lot of use. I need to buy new shoes, but I keep putting if off because hello, shoes are not cheap!

Four. I only have 3 weeks left of my semester and then finals week which will feel like a breeze compared to the craziness my schedule has been. I almost had another nervous breakdown on Monday so I had to make a list of everything I needed to get accomplished and when I was going to do it. There’s a lot to get done and only 3 weeks to do it in. It’s going to take a lot of focus and drive but I’m determined to get it done – and do my absolute best job at it.

Five. I’ve found it so tough to get back in the groove of things after Easter. I’m not eating as well as I should, nor exercising as much as I should, nor drinking as much water as I should. I haven’t tracked, which is just awful. I’m just trying to eat as well as I know how since I have weigh-in on Sunday. I think I need to sit in a meeting and get motivated again. Those meetings work!

Six. I have a hair appointment for color today and a hair appointment to get my hair cut next Friday. While I really want to do something wild and crazy like dyeing it blonde and getting a pixie-cut, I’ve been wanting to donate my hair to Locks of Love for a long time. My hair is just about long enough but I want to grow it out some more to make sure I have hair to work with! But mark your calendars! I’m doing something crazy with my hair in June. And honestly? I can’t wait!

Seven. I probably shouldn’t mention this because I really want to win this giveaway, but I also get an extra entry for blogging about it so I will. Ashley, one of my very good blogging friends, is having an awesome giveaway! She’s going to give a blog makeover, using WooThemes, to one lucky person! And then she’s also giving free advertising on her blog to 5 other people. Pretty neat, huh? So go there and enter!


  1. I am SO proud of you!! Huge congrats on the 91% - that's AMAZING :) :) I hear you on the shoe front - I hope you're feeling better and best of luck with the race - do share how it goes. And I can't WAIT to see your hair... I'm stuck with mine as is for another 8 months 'til the wedding but then I'm doing something funky too :)

    Happy Friday lovely!

  2. Congrats for kicking butt at school! Good luck tomorrow with your race. Changing things up with your hair is always fun (be careful about dying it thought, Locks of Love is very specific about what sorts of hair they actually use), I never do much with mine other than dye it. I can't even remember the last time scissors came near my hair.

  3. Congratulations on your law exam!!! : ) That is an amazing grade.

  4. Good luck on your race lady! And congrats with school being so awesome!

    AND I cannot wait to see what you do with your hair. I'm all about huge changes!

  5. Congrats on doing so well on your project and on your exam! Best of luck with your race tomorrow!

  6. GREAT job on your magazine! I know how frustrating it's been for you. On another note, I plan on writing that column for you tomorrow morning :)

    Also, YES, get new shoes!!! It will probably help immensely. And ice!

  7. Great job on the project and good luck tomorrow! You are totally going to rock the 5k! I can feel it. Be sure to post and let us know how you're doing.

  8. Congrats! So proud of you - you're kicking ass and school will be done in no time!

  9. Yay! I'm glad things are going so much better at school!

  10. Lots of exciting things are happening for you! Really glad to hear about your magazine and your law class!!! :) Oh, and good luck with your 5K! I've never run one before, but I'm going to by the end of the summer. I run probably 15 miles a week, but still just find the sport boring. It must be nice to be nearing the end of school! I still have 5 or 6 more weeks :( Giveaway? I hope you win!

  11. I'm glad things are going so well in school for you, you totally deserve to brag about yourself :) I hope the 5K goes well! Hopefully you'll get some extra motivation since its a race :)

  12. Congratulations on the magazine cover! I'm so curious to see your work. My dream passion is to work for a magazine company!


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