Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (Vol. 16)


The last time I did a ToT was April 13th. I’ve missed these!

1. If you could trade lives with another blogger for a day, who would it be and why?

There are so many bloggers whose lives seem a lot more interesting than mine. They’ve seen more success than me and have found a way to make money from blogging. (The ultimate goal, right?) If I had to choose anyone, I would probably pick Caitlin from Healthy Tipping Point because not only is she healthy and active and married to a gorgeous husband, she’s also found a way to give back to the online community, as well as become a published author!

2. Do you prefer receiving handmade or store bought gifts? Be honest!

I’ll be totally honest and say store bought gifts. I don’t think I’ve received many handmade gifts and when I have been given them, they haven’t impressed me. I think you can also put a lot of thought and effort into store bought gifts (sometimes more so than handmade ones). I mean, I’m totally not a fan of receiving bath & body sets because I think that takes zero creativity. Still, I will freely admit: store bought > handmade.

3. Would you rather camp or stay in a hotel?

I’ve only been camping once and I’ve stayed in about a billion hotels. The one time I did go camping, I had an absolute blast. I was eight or nine and I just remember how relaxing and fun it was. Plus, nothing beats roasting marshmallows over the fire and making a s’more. (Or two. Or three.) Then again, I love sleeping in hotels. It’s a bit more comfortable. In any event, it’s always nice to get away.

4. What’s your favorite comfort food?

Chocolate. Anything with chocolate. It can turn my mood around like that!

5. You’re having a really bad day at work. How do you unwind when you come home?

I’m pretty good at being able to put work problems behind me when I come home. I don’t like thinking about work when I’m not there. If I do have a bad day, all I really need is a vent session with one of my co-workers or my mom and food. Lately, I’ve been doing better at not letting circumstances give way to gorging on food. But it’s still a big comforting factor for me. I’m just doing it in moderation now, which is good. 

6. What’s your favorite chore? (Or, the chore you hate the least)

Probably laundry. I really don’t mind doing the laundry, for the most part. Plus, I find that I put my clothes away more quickly when I do the laundry than when my mom does it. When my mom does it and puts my folded clothes in my room, it usually takes me a week to actually sort through them and put them away. I’m really bad about that.

7. What got you interested in blogging?

I’ve really always had some type of blog. I started off at Diaryland, then went to Xanga, then back to Diaryland. I tried LiveJournal for a while but didn’t like it. When I started college, I started a Blogger blog to document my teaching experiences. Then I went over to Wordpress to do a more personal blog. After having some success with that, I went back to Blogger and I’ve been here ever since. I’ve always liked documenting my life, even the silly things I wrote when I was fifteen. It wasn’t until probably a year ago that I realized how big this blogging community is and really started getting involved in that aspect.

8. Are you currently reading a book? What is it?

I’m reading two books currently. I’m reading Perfecting Kate by Tamara Leigh, which is about a girl who begins to change what she looks like to please people. I’m just getting into it but it’s really interesting! I’m also reading When God Writes Your Love Story by my two favorites, Eric and Leslie Ludy. This book is amazing. I can’t wait to do a review of it when I’m done. It’s not changing my view on love, but it’s making me see that my way of going about finding love is not weird.

9. Do you have a favorite artist?

As in art? No. I’m not that into art. Honestly, I see art at Target and think it’s spectacular. Obviously, I have a very un-critical eye for art.

10. Have you ever met someone famous?

I’ve met some local celebrities, like our news anchors. Oh, and on Saturday, I met one of our local jazz singers at a festival I attended.


  1. I totally agree about the bath sets being awful and I even worked at Bath and Body Works! I felt bad myself for pushing those and knowing that some school teacher was going to be getting 50 of those for Christmas...

  2. Perfecting Kate sounds really interesting. Like, extreme changes (plastic surgery?) Or just little things like outfits and makeup? I'm curious to hear more :)

  3. I'm with Em. I'm definitely going to have to check out Perfecting Kate...

  4. I may have to check out Perfecting Kate, sounds interesting. And chocolate is a great comfort food!

    P.S. There's a giveaway over in my neck of the woods!

  5. I LOVE CaitlinHTP! She has the best attitude!

  6. I could probably eat 17 s'mores and not get sick. I think I have a separate stomach for them.

  7. Haha, I laughed about the laundry, because my husband is the same way when I wash and fold his clothes. He'll plop the whole pile on the floor and it'll sit there at least a week.

  8. I have a little laundry fetish myself...that's good because it never piles up. I also love to weed my closet out--probably once a month.

  9. haha, I wrote about Xanga, too. what a throw back! mmmmmmm.....s'mores!!! :)

  10. I totally agree with you on most of these, specially the laundry part, I dont mind at all. I love clean clothes, towels and sheets :)


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