Thursday, July 1, 2010





Tracking – I think I did a lot better with tracking than usual. I was super serious and super strict for about 3 weeks, tracking down my meals, exercising 4-5 times a week, and not going above my extra points. But now I feel so burned out from it all. I think I’m getting to the point where I just want to give up. This has happened to me so many times before that I’m trying to just ride this out, but it’s hard.

A Mess of Emotions – This month has been an eventful one emotionally. My emotions have been all over the place, making me feel like a crazy person. One moment I’m happy and giddy, the next I just want to punch out a wall. I don’t know what’s up with that, but I’m hoping that making more time to achieve all the goals I set for myself and less time to be lazy, it helps.

Running – I’ve fallen back in love with running this month. (But shh! Don’t tell my mom!) As I mentioned before, I’m running around 6am on Saturday mornings and 5:30am on Sunday mornings. And I. Love. It. It feels so good to run that early in the morning and the heat isn’t nearly as suffocating. While I’m not running a mile yet, I enjoying the (extremely) short distances I can run right now.

Quiet Time – I’ve actually managed to have a few days of quiet, Bible study time this month. Not as much as I need to, and not as consistent as I’d like to be, but it’s better than usual. Now that I’ve set out a specific bedtime pattern, it’s much easier to fit this in.


Take a mini-vacation – If all goes according to plan, my mom and I will be taking a little mini-vacation to Orlando at the end of the month. We have season passes to Sea World and are hoping to check out my mom’s race path while we’re there, as well as spending a day at Disney World. I haven’t been to Disney World in forever! And I know I have a special blog friend who lives in Orlando! Meet-up?!

Get to bed at 9:30 most nights – I’m shooting for 5 nights a week, mainly on the days I have to wake up at 4:30-5am. I really love going to bed at a decent hour and getting a good, solid 7 hours of sleep. I’m still ridiculously tired during the day and I don’t know if it’s just not getting enough sleep at night, or an iron deficiency. I’m just hoping that getting more sleep at night will help me feel more energetic during the day. We shall see.

Be creative - As I mentioned yesterday, I’m taking on Ashley’s Creativity Challenge where I’m going to challenge myself to get serious about my novel. I can’t even call it a work in progress because all it’s been doing is sitting in a file folder for over a year. I haven’t put any effort into working on it so I’m excited to get started and start outlining my book.

Make a budget – My mom and I have talked so many times about creating a budget. And we have. We’ve created a few budgets but we never stick to them. And while I would love to go through Financial Peace University, it’s just not in the budget right now. (Oh, yeah. Pun totally intended.) I want to take some of his tips and tricks that I heard through other people who have been through FPU to get ourselves on track. (Anybody have any tips for me? Anybody been through FPU and want to help a girl out?!)

Learn Spanish – I have some books and audio tapes to pick up from the library to help me learn this language. I did take 3 years of it in middle school and high school so I’m hoping it’ll start coming back to me more and more as I start hearing it and dedicating myself to learning it again.


  1. Good luck with your going to bed early goal! I've been struggling with that all summer. If I know ahead of time I don't have to be up early, I cannot seem to force myself to go to sleep before ...1AM.

  2. I love your goals for this month and I so wish I could go on your mini vaca with you! I love Orlando! Hope you have a wonderful July =-)

  3. Awesome that you're loving running...I'm trying to find my love for it again. Have fun on the min-vacay, I totally need one myself!

  4. Your goals for the month sound great! I love taking mini-vacations; getting away for a bit is always so relaxing and refreshing. Leo and I actually want to take a trip to Orlando sometime later in the year. I've been there once before, but it was when I was in 4th grade, so it's been a while!

    I really need to follow your lead and try to go to bed earlier! I stay up way too late for my own good.

  5. The mini-vacation sounds WONDERFUL! I'm so jealous! Good luck with all of your goals. They look GREAT!

  6. Most of the information is on Dave Ramsey's website and his podcast is also really informational and motivational, if you haven't checked them out yet.

  7. I'm inordinately obsessed with Disney World and so hearing that you're going there even for one day is sending me into fits of jealousy. Happy July! Hope you accomplish all you're setting out to do and more :)

  8. Great goals for the month and hooray for a little mini-vacay! Sea World and Disney will be all sorts of fun!

  9. Mini Vaycays are always a must, do it. You wont regret it. Go to bed early, be thankful for what you do have and eat chocolate :) and if you can do all of that on your vaycay (except sleep in instead of going to bed early) then your in the clear for a greatr life moments :)

  10. I want to see the new Hogwart's Castle soooo bad at Disney World! Hope you have a great time!

  11. Good luck with your goals! I am still super impressed you get up that early to go RUNNING. I don't think you could pay me to do that, very admirable!!

    Have an AMAZING mini vacation!! :)

  12. If you can put aside a haircut or a few cups of coffee or new outfits (or whatever extra money goes toward) for a month or so, FPU is totally worth the price. It basically ends up paying for itself within a few months of saving money.

  13. I am learning more spanish too!! Yayy! Can we converse with one another as practice? ha ha. Great goals.


    Hannah Katy

  14. Wow, can I move in with you!?! lol I cannot go to bed at 9:30PM since I'm a night owl and I cannot get up at 5:30 or 6:30AM because I'm NOT a morning person. Crap....but maybe if I lived with you, I'd give you permission to drag my butt out of bed!


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