Monday, July 26, 2010

May 2011

“Do you feel a lot of pressure on you to graduate in December?”

My mom posed this question to me over the weekend and it got me thinking. In a way, I do feel pressure but the pressure mainly stems from me. I want to be a college graduate in December. I want to stop living off my mom, get a full-time job and start acting more like an adult. Being a full-time college student and working part-time is no fun at all. I just want to be finished with this phase of my life and make 2011 the year I begin a new era of me.

But that’s not what’s going to happen. It all boils down to the same foreign language crap I’ve been dealing with since I changed my major. Basically, here’s the run-down:

  • November 2008: I changed my major from education to journalism. This was also the month I learned that I would be attempting a Bachelor of Arts degree, not a Bachelor of Science which requires 10 hours of a foreign language. With the B.S., taking foreign language in high school would count. I also learned that my financial aid would probably be taken away since I had already attempted so many hours, and that there was an exemption test to exempt out of the language classes. At the time, the exemption test seemed like the best way to go.
  • January 2009 – April 2010: I took my journalism classes, with the knowledge of those 10 hours looming in the back of my mind. Still, I did nothing about them and just pretended this pesky little requirement didn’t exist.
  • April 2010: Signed up to take Spanish I in the Summer and Spanish II in the Fall, which would keep me at my December graduation date. I wasn’t happy about this decision, as it would lead to another hectic semester when I was hoping to have a little bit of a break.
  • May 2010: Found out that I would have to pay $1,600 for my Summer classes, since my financial aid still hadn’t been reinstated, and my scholarship didn’t pay for Summer classes. Freaked out a bit, especially when I received word that I may be dropped from my classes if that money wasn’t paid by the end of the first week of classes. I ended up dropping my Spanish class, and resorting back to learning it myself. Very unhappy with this decision.
  • July 24, 2010: Signed up to take Spanish I in the Fall, and Spanish II in the Spring, giving me a May 2011 graduation date.


Am I happy about this decision? Yes. Am I at peace? Yes. Am I a procrastinator extraordinaire? Yup.

But I am happy and at peace with this decision, because I think it’s the best one in the long run. I feel less pressure to get everything done in one semester and more relaxed about everything. For the upcoming Fall semester, I’ll have 14 credit hours and we’ll just have to see how it affects my running schedule. I’m keeping it the same for right now.

The good news is that I’ll only have 2 classes during my last semester: Senior Seminar (a class everyone takes during their last semester of college) and Spanish II. That semester will be my easiest yet!

Also, all the fun graduation stuff is gone by the time December rolls around. I’ll get fresh, new, exciting 2011 graduation stuff! At least there’s that.


  1. I took five years of Spanish in high school and took the "exemption test." I passed and got the credit I needed but I swear it was all luck of the draw-I had no idea what I was doing!!! I graduated early and entered "the real world" so my words of wisdom-stay in school as long as possible! You've got "the real world" for the next 30+ years and it's really not it's all cracked up to be. Good luck girl!

  2. It sounds like this is exactly right for you- and it's really just a matter of months :)

    I'm excited to follow you on your next big adventure after school!

  3. As long as you're happy with the decision that's all that matters. This is coming from someone who started college the fall of 2002 and still doesn't have a degree yet... oops/

  4. This sounds like the right path for you, and I agree with Krysten - as long as you're happy with it that's all that matters! :)

  5. I'm glad that you're feeling peace with your decision. Sometimes we all fall prey to get things accomplished by a certain time or self imposed deadline which stresses us out. Taking some time to breathe and realize what's best for us is so important. Sounds like you've arrived at the best decision.

  6. If you're happy with the decision then that's all that matters!!

    I actually had a scare this spring that the French courses I took my first year of college weren't going to count towards graduation and I would be short 6 credits. THAT was scary! Luckily it all worked out :) Silly languages. Good luck with Spanish, though!

  7. so much to look forward to!

  8. Even though it'll take a semester longer than you wanted, I'm glad you feel better about the situation, and you signed up for the classes that will lead to your graduation! For my degree, I had to take 12 credits in a foreign language, and I REALLY didn't want to take that many courses in Spanish. But you do what you have to do...

  9. I just hope I graduate within my four year marker, because my parents are already having to come up with alternatives to pay for my senior year since my loan money will run out by the end of my junior year and I won't be able to borrow anymore from FAFSA. If we can't find an alternative payment method, then I'll have to go part time and that will mean losing my scholarship and losing more funds. So I just hope everything works out there, and I'm also glad that you found peace in your decision. I think you'll be glad you spread it out some instead of cramming and rushing yourself.

  10. I hear ya, let's just get it on! I went back to school two years ago, but I'm trying to fast track my way out of it, but it's obstacle after obstacle. Just let me get my damn nursing degree so I can start healing the sick...and getting a fricken paycheck...and a new car!
    But you're going to be a journalist! I would have rather done that than it too late to change my major I wonder?
    I think my mom would shoot me!

  11. I think this was a smart decision. There's no need to run yourself ragged when you have other options!

  12. I think you're making a wise decision! And the important thing is that you will graduate. There's no need to rush it, because you'll have the rest of your life to work and move onto new goals. Enjoy where you are now. (Although I understand the desire to graduate as soon as possible. Let me tell you, it's a good feeling to not have to take exams anymore). :)

  13. It was a pain having such a structure comms degree (very few options) but on the plus side, it was pretty easy to graduate with all the right credits assuming you passed your papers!

    Red tape, huh. All for 10 measly hours!

    I know it feels like such an age...but I am sure the last year will just fly by for you. Mine (especially the last semester) is just a blur now.

  14. I think you're making a smart choice. This will give you more time to get organized and you won't be stressed out this fall trying to graduate. I graduate in May too : )

  15. I think it IS a good choice, and I'm glad that YOU feel good about it.

    The funny thing is.. I was trying to figure out the very same thing yesterday! I could get my French minor, if I either went to France next summer on a study abroad which would make me do an extra semester to fill in my social work requirements. OR I could use the extra semester for French. I decided that it was still suck. soooooooooo I am just going to go back to France for fun! Or maybe for an Internship.

    Anyway.. I just thought it was funny that we were both struggling w/ the same ideas, but came up with different solutions.

    Good Luck! :)

  16. Well, if you are at peace with the decision I think it's the right one. What matters is your opinion, it's your life after all. Best of luck to you! :)

  17. Hello! I come visiting from another blog where I saw your comment. I think it was either Kyla's or Nora's.

    Anyways, I too will be graduating next year. I switched my major twice my first two years, but am happy with my decision to stick with what my true passion is.

    I agree with the above comment, as long as YOU are happy with the decision you made you'll be fine.

  18. I think this was a smart decision. There's no need to run yourself ragged when you have other options!


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