Wednesday, August 4, 2010




Orlando. Orlando was fun. It wasn’t everything I expected, but it was still fun to get away and be a tourist for a few days! I love everything about Orlando, although I don’t know if I could live there. It’s such a touristy town and has some crazy drivers! But who knows where I’ll end up after college?

Health. Health-wise, this was a bad month for me. I don’t know if I felt like I was on vacation for the whole month due to my vacation, but I just had no motivation to track, exercise, or eat right. I gave in to a lot of cravings and barely exercised at all this month. August is a new month!

Half-marathon. I just want to say how much I am surprising myself with this half training. I’ve managed to hit most my targets and feel amazing while doing it. While I usually beat myself up during the first half-mile, wondering how I’ll ever be able to run 13, I usually catch a second wind once I hit the 1-mile, which makes me feel as if I could run forever. It’s such an amazing feeling. (I’m still not sure how my injury will affect my half-marathon, but if I don’t make the one in November, I’ll find one later. But I am doing one!)


Start a new semester of school. I won’t say I’m excited to begin a new semester of school, but I am excited that I don’t feel as pressured to get everything done in one semester. Plus, I’m taking some fun classes like Social Media and Sports Journalism which I’m excited about!

Continue training for my half-marathon. Hopefully. I am taking a week off of my training, just to rest my ankle and prevent it from being injured even more. What this injury has given me is a new appreciation for being able to run and be fit. Being scared to run for fear of running on a broken ankle is a scary feeling.

Vlog every day. I joined a bunch of other crazy bloggers/vloggers in the VEDA challenge. Basically, I’m (attempting) to vlog every day during the month of August. I am not very experienced with the vlogging or video editing or even making an interesting vlog. But I do like a challenge and vlogs make me happy.

Begin the switch to my own domain name. My blogiversary is coming up on August 22nd and I really want to move over to my own domain name and switch to Wordpress for this. I began the process last month, but then got a little overwhelmed by Wordpress’ instructions. If there are any bloggers who are familiar with this process and can help a poor girl out, you will be my best friend forever. Seriously.

Get a new phone! I was trying to wait until my beloved Sprint EVO was available online, but my phone is not cooperating for that. My phone was absolutely horrid over my vacation, freezing up when I needed it – you know, when I was using the GPS and had no idea where I was going. So I ordered a new phone over the weekend. It’s the HTC HERO, which still gives me an Android phone, and is a touch screen. So I’m happy. Anything is better than what I have now. (Plus! It has a camera! You guys, I’m entering the 21st century!)


  1. I love the set up of this post! I think looking back over a month and then looking forward to the next is great. Way to go with half training! Keep it up!
    I can't help you much with wordpress, I've been thinking about making the switch too though, I'll let you know if I figure it all out!

  2. fun to see how you are doing!

  3. I always hate the first mile too...they say it takes like 10 minutes to warm up then you get in your groove. Stay with it girl-you're doing awesome.

  4. August is going to be so exciting for you! And I cannot wait to see all your vlogs when I get back. It'll be like a coffee date except I get to see your lovely face and listen to your stories for I'm GUESSING an hour?? A month of videos is going to be crazy, and props to you for doing it! :)

  5. Nice phone choice! Very pretty :)

    I'm glad to hear you had a good time on your vacation, even though it didn't meet all your expectations. it's always nice to get away and visit a new place.

    Good luck with your half training marathon too! you seem to be doing so well :)

  6. how fun you are training for your marathon...!

  7. What made you decide to switch to Wordpress? I think you can get your own domain name through Blogger, but I'm just curious about the whole Wordpress thing. Is it a lot better than Blogger, because I actually experimented with it not too long ago and liked the simplicity of the blog styles, but didn't really stick with it. That was more so because I had my Blogger blog to commit to more than any other blog. I've noticed a lot of people switching over, and I've been interested in knowing the improvements after the switch. Let me know when you get the new one rolling!

  8. haha...this is a cute idea!


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