Friday, August 6, 2010

Fit Fridays: Back to the Basics

Back in March, I started this series and it only lasted 2 weeks. I'm still not totally sure I'm up for doing a series on my weight loss (or lack thereof), but I also think this is a great avenue for me to talk through my weight issues and get some feedback.

I thought about not telling anyone, aside from real life friends, about my weight loss goals. I wanted to keep it a secret, something private for me to succeed at without worrying about disappointing my readers. But I quickly scrapped that plan because I do need the support I find from this blog. You guys motivate me, cheer me on, and help me get back on my feet when I fall down. I love you guys. A lot. (But not in a creepy, stalker kind of way.)

So here I am. Crawling back to this blog to talk about my weight loss struggles and how far I've fallen after doing so well for a few months.

The last time I attended a Weight Watchers meeting was June 27. Since then, I haven't been at my healthiest. I haven't been tracking what I've eaten. I have consumed a lot of fast food. Soda has been my drink of choice and water has been my least resort. I haven't exercised as much as I ought to, whether due to injury or just plain laziness. In short, I've been bad.

And while this is nothing new, I'm ready to start over. Just like earlier this year, I'm not going to focus on my past failed attempts. This is the new beginning for me. And I'm going to treat it as such. It's not easy to change 20-some years of unhealthy behaviors. And since I'm incredibly stubborn, it's going to take me a long time to get it through my thick head that healthy is the best way. (Even if unhealthy tastes better at the moment.)

Onto my weight for this week and my goals. (In all honesty, I was happy with my weight because I was hoping for only 5 pounds. Remember, I've been bad.)

Starting Weight (as of February 21, 2010): 151.2 lbs
Current Weight (as of August 5, 2010): 147.8 lbs
Total Weight Lost: 3.4 lbs

1. Drink 48oz of water, daily.
2. Exercise at least 4 times a week.
3. Eat every 2 hours. (I find myself getting hungry but sometimes make myself wait 4-5 hours before I eat again and I end up eating too much and never feeling totally full. I'm hoping this helps.)


  1. You can do it! I did WW last year and ended up losing about 35 pounds. It was an uphill battle at times, but it's doable. Just try not to beat yourself up on weeks when the scale disappoints you. I never did really figure out the scale. Seemed like weeks where I worked out the most and ate super healthy, I wouldn't lose or I'd gain. Then the next week I'd lose. I couldn't even really figure it out, but I kept a long term perspective and looked at the big picture and that seemed to really help...

    You can do it! I think sharing your goals w/ the blogging community is good. It keeps you honest!

  2. Hey, you're still down in weight so that's good! Love that you're so open and honest.

  3. I agree with Lisa - try not to read into the number on the scale TOO much! I know that when you see a number that you don't like it's easy to get down on yourself. Just keep going. If you have a bad day or a bad couple of days then just start again. It can be an uphill battle sometimes but you can do it!!

  4. You can do it!! I totally agree that you should utilize the support of this blog and fellow bloggers! We are here to support you : )
    I've been trying to eat healthier lately too. I have a very limited diet because I'm a picky eater and I'm trying to branch out. I find that I do best when I focus on trying new, healthy foods instead of what I shouldn't be eating. Good luck!

  5. I'm glad you decided to post about your weight loss goals- I find that blogging about things makes me feel more accountable. Also I think those are good goals because they don't list specific numbers for weight- it focuses on what you do have control over.
    I think one important thing to remember is if you eat something bad- don't immediately think well I'm off the bandwagon might as well eat this this and this. I'm very guilty of this at times even with my stomach I'll say oh I already ate something that will make me feel crappy so might as well eat more. No no and no. Part of being healthy is eating something unhealthy on occasion. If you are too strict you'll never stick with it. So see small "cheats" as part of your diet and a good thing, but not a reason to go crazy. Good luck!

  6. Those are really good goals to have. I find when I eat a little every few hours I feel better than eating a few really big meals.

  7. You can do it! it's also great that you've set goals. First time to your blog too. Happy Sunday!

  8. Progress is progress!! and eating every 2 hours is a great keep your metabolism up and you get to eat all the time ;) Win-win.

  9. Okay, I totally laughed at your first sentence, but know that I'm laughing *with* you and not *at* you. I, too, have posted about my health-goals...and then quit them quickly. I'm getting ready to start playing the Game On Diet with some of my friends for that reason...I need the accountability!

    I wish you the best...discipline is *so* hard...but it's not impossible!

  10. This sounds a lot like the blog that I just posted today. I have a love/hate relationship goals. I love making them, sometimes I reach them, but often times I don't...but usually when I don't reach them it is when I don't tell anyone about good job telling the world about it to keep you accountable, as I did today. It's such a big step, and you can do it! Keep on runnin ;)

  11. I've been thinking about joining WW again but online since the meetings near my house is during the day and I obviously can't attend when working.

    You can do it! I'm rooting for you and I like the idea of eating every 2 hours or so to avoid from wanting a HUGE meal and eat everything you see in sight.


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