Friday, September 17, 2010

Odds and Ends: Cancer Free!

  • First and foremost, as you can probably read from my title today, my grandma is cancer-free! Her colonoscopy came back completely clean and healthy, not even a polyp! I was at work when my mom texted me and had just taken a bite of breakfast when I looked down at my phone and saw, "Grandma is cancer free." You guys, I can't even begin to tell you the amount of emotion I was feeling at that moment. Utter elation and ecstasy. I cried tears of joy and I'm still pretty emotional about it. She will have to have more PET scans, just to be sure the cancer doesn't come back. I'm not sure how long, but I want to say 6 months. Don't quote me on it. She's also taking a pill that is supposed to help with keeping the cancer away. I have never felt a pressing need to find a cure for cancer more than I have during these past few years.

  • I got my hospital bill. It's not pretty. I almost cried about it. In case you're wondering, the price of an ER visit, 3 x-rays of your thumb, and a doctor giving you 3 stitches comes to $2,400. I'm going to punch the next person whoever complains about insurance. Be happy you have it. Because many people don't, and live in constant fear that they're going to get sick. I couldn't imagine what a overnight stay or actual surgery would cost!

  • Tomorrow, I'm covering a 5K event. One of the courses I'm taking is Sports Journalism and to be quite honest, it's not my favorite. I contemplate dropping it multiple times a week. But I'm sticking through it. I had no idea what to do for my first assignment. The last thing I wanted to do was hang out at a high school football game and interview the players. Intimidation, much? (Sure, I'm 4-6 years older than them, but I'm smaller than them and look like I'm 15.) I found this 5K through and it's raising awareness for ovarian cancer. I have been in touch with the race organizers and an ovarian cancer survivor who is competing in the race. I'm actually really excited about this opportunity and will be waking up super early tomorrow to attend the race, talk to some of the runners, and get an overall feel of the people.

  • Tonight, my nephew is coming over. He's turning two next week. WHEN did that happen? I feel like it was yesterday that Mark was telling me Jenny was pregnant. And now he's this walking, talking, bilingual, funny, adorable toddler. He's absolutely scrumptious.

  • I've been doing a lot of thinking (and doing) about healthy living. I think I'm realizing that I don't want my life to be measured by points or calories. I want it to be measured by feeling good. It's a work in progress and I have a post coming about it, but I find it's helping me not to give up so easily. I bounce back quicker onto the healthy living bandwagon. But I would love some motivation buddies, someone to talk to about what I'm eating and challenges I'm facing and someone who will do the same. Maybe someone who's also on the same journey or someone who has been through this and could give me advice. Any takers?

  • I've decided, after talking about how I need to run more consistently, that I have to give up running until I can purchase new shoes. On my last few runs, they've been killing my feet. I've been dealing with a pulled muscle in my calf all week from my 5K on Sunday. And my left feet/left ankle have gotten numb from running. I've never experienced this and I have to think it has to deal with my shoes. They are literally falling apart. I wear them for work and exercise and I've had them for over a year, so yeah, I definitely need new ones! I'm planning on writing a story on why you need proper running shoes, and also going to a running store to get fitted properly for one as part of "research". I can't wait!

  • Can we just talk about Big Brother for a second? First of all, I wanted Lane to win but I wasn't too sad Hayden did. I just didn't want Enzo to win! But forget that, let's talk about the dresses the Jury House girls wore. Britney, of course, looked absolutely gorgeous. I loved her dress, a little on the modest side on top (which I loved) yet still short enough to be sexy! I want! Kathy's dress did nothing for her. I'm sorry but there comes a time when you're too old to wear a dress with your boobs hanging out. (But maybe that's just me.) And Rachel's dress? She looked like freaking Ariel from The Little Mermaid! And was just as skanky as I suspected her to wear. She disgusts me. (Oh! And Britney and Lane together? Almost as perfect as Jordan and Jeff. There's just that little problem of a fiance. Lane could take him, though.)

  • And Whitney won Master Chef! She's the sweetest, most humble, most adorable cook ever. I'm so happy she won. This little 22-year-old spitfire took down all the cocky chefs. I'm totally going to buy her cookbook when it comes out. And I watch way too much reality TV.


  1. Hoorary for your grandma being cancer free! Thats is awesme news, Stephany! As long as you pay something towards your health bill, they can't come after you, even if its only $10 a month. Enjoy covering the 5K, that sounds like a great story. Happy early birtday to your nephew, damn kids grow up so fast.

  2. 1. SO GLAD your grandma is cancer-free! That is amazing.

    2. I actually can't wrap my head around that medical bill. Like can't even imagine paying for those kinds of things in a million years. I don't even understand that. I knew medical cost a lot down there, but that much? Really? That is friggin ridiculous. Seriously.

    3. I was happy that Hayden won BECAUSE I think he deserved it as he did have a good social game and he was a good competitor. I actually REALLY liked Enzo. I thought he was hilarious and played the best social game in the house. I was kind of hoping America would vote for him to get the $25,000 but Britney was definitely my second pick for it :-)

  3. so happy to hear your grandmother is cancer free! that's amzing news =)

    i don't think i could do my running + exercise if it wasn't for the shoes that i have. definitely worth it to treat yourself to a pair.

    happy friday and good luck tomrrow with the interview!

  4. 1. Woohoo granny!!! Glad that came back positive!
    2. Boo on the hospital bill! We've got insurance but are having to pay for something pretty major that isn't covered...major el sucko!
    3. Super cool! I want to read it when you're done. Sounds like you've got a good lead on it.
    4. You could always run barefoot. They say its better for you...just watch out for people that don't pick up after their pets.
    5. Totally wanted Lane or Enzo to win NOT Hayden. I hated his little speech..."Pick me because I won the most competitions!" And all this mumbo jumbo about social game-whatever people! Just vote it doesn't really matter what you say, they've all made their mind up already. I cannot STAND Britney...apparently I'm the only one in America that feels this way. Does Matt remind anyone else of James for a few seasons ago? Anyone, anyone?

    Okay I think that's all the comments that I have!

  5. Ugh Steph, I feel you on hospital bills. I was in a car accident 2 years ago that was the other person's fault. I had an ambulance ride, two hospital visits, an x-ray and a MRI to pay for. Because it was the other person's fault their car insurance was supposed to pay my bills but of course they took forever and I ended up having to get a lawyer. Meanwhile the hospitals were getting mad that they weren't getting paid and I was beside myself scared.

    Although in my situation my lawyer finally got the money and my bills did get paid I feel you on what a horrible feeling it is to have medical bills. Keeping my fingers crossed that things even out for you.

  6. HOORAY for your grandma being cancer-free. Huzzah! So happy to hear it. And as far as your hospital bill, yikes - but pay it off little by little, get on a plan, & plug through... :/ I'm currently uninsured, too, & TERRIFIED of getting sick or injured...

  7. I'm glad your grandmother is cancer-free. That is incredibly good news! I hope she only continues to get good news.

    For running shoes I suggest Reeboks or New Balance running shoes. They're my favorites.

  8. Yay for your grandma!!

    And you are so RIGHT about not living your life by points and calories. Add pounds to that list! It's ALL about how you feel :)

  9. 1. I'm so glad your grandma's cancer-free!! That's great news!

    2. That really sucks about the hospital bill- I wish I could get my insurance company to cover that bill for you.

    3. I definitely agree about not wanting my life to be measured by points or calories. I'm in the same boat - I'd love to be your motivating buddy.

    4. I wanted Lane to win too but you're right, I wasn't sad about Hayden winning either. Have you seen that video of Lane (um-you-know-what) in the shower online? lol. I saw it a few weeks ago - it was hilarious as he thought he was doing a good job at covering it up but it was way too obvious.

  10. So glad to hear the good news about your grandma.

  11. Glad for the good cancer free news!

    As for the insurance...I had a convo with a friend last night. He was all "I worry about going to America and breaking a leg." Me: "Would travel insurance cover that?" Him: " I mean, going to live there." Me: "Oh. Yeah. Well, I just wouldn't do that."

    2.4k is INSANE.

    And yet, wouldn't that probably be what insurance cost you anyway if you had it (for maybe six months or a year?) I never pay much attention to what PF bloggers pay for health cover, but I thought to the tune of a few hundred a month was pretty standard (ouch.)

  12. HOLY CRAP. 2.4K!! I'd cry too :( I'm so sorry.

    Health care is a touchy subject. I think it took my parents over a decade to pay for my scoliosis surgery I had when I was 12. It was 64,000 AFTER insurance.

    You have my sympathy :(. Time to live frugally. I know what you're thinking, "BUT I ALREADY LIVE FRUGALLY" Gah.

    Happy about no cancer!

  13. Oh my GOSH that medical bill! Even with my insurance, my last trip to the ER cost about $350...nowhere near that, but still! Sometimes it almost makes you not want to go, you know? The cost is such a deterrent, which can of course be dangerous. I'm SO happy about your Grandma! That is such terrific news! =)

  14. Yea for your grandma being cancer free. What a huge relief.

    Ugh, that medical bill is ridiculous... yowza.

    I think it's a good plan to wait until you can buy running shoes to really tackle the sports. It's SO important to have good running shoes, you can do a lot of damage to your body otherwise!!

  15. I am SO SO happy about the news with your grandma!! :D

    I cannot believe your hospital bill. I thought it was bad getting charged $500 for an ambulance. I am so sorry you got lumped with that!! :(

    And just for the record, I LOVE this: "I think I'm realizing that I don't want my life to be measured by points or calories. I want it to be measured by feeling good."

    Way to go you.

  16. you definitely need some new shoes lady!!!
    and congrats to your gma, that is so great!

  17. I'm a little behind on blog posts but I just wanted to say WAHOOOOOOOO for her being cancer free! How amazing!


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