Friday, October 8, 2010

REVIEW: CSN Stores Sauder Orchard Hills Open Computer Desk

A few weeks ago, I was given the opportunity to review a product for CSN Stores. To say I was excited was putting it mildly and it took me forever to find something I wanted. I searched. And searched. And searched. There is so much to choose from! I looked at dressers and book shelves and mixers and pet supplies and purses and shoes and patio furniture and knick-knacks. It was incredibly fun!

But I knew what I really wanted to purchase. You see, I've been living the past year without a desk. When my mom and I moved last September, my old desk basically fell apart after trying to move it from my room to my brother's truck. I bought it at Wal-Mart quite a few years ago and it was never good quality. It also didn't give me a lot of writing space. For the next 6 months or so, I had to do all my schoolwork and blogging either on my bed or on the couch. (Oh yeah, we didn't have a kitchen table either!) In any event, it wasn't very comfortable or conducive to schoolwork. Remember, this was the semester I had to design an 18-page magazine! In the Spring, my brother brought over his kitchen table for us to house for a while and I was super happy - it meant I would have some workspace!

But I still wanted a desk. Something for me. Something to have in my room where I could house my ginormous printer, school supplies, and laptop. Plus, it would give me a stable environment to work in my room! I've had my printer sitting on the floor of my room since I moved and it gets really annoying to print things since it's quite a process!

Lo and behold, I found a desk through CSN Stores. In fact, I found a variety of desks with great prices! I slept on the idea for a few nights but couldn't get the idea out of my head. I needed a desk. So I purchased this one. Simple and clean design. No fussing with shelving and looked pretty easy to put together.

I ordered it on Sunday morning and it arrived at my doorstep Friday afternoon. I commissioned my brother to come and help me put it together - since he basically puts furniture together as his job. I knew it would be relatively easy for him. And it was. It took him a little over an hour, mainly because a few screws weren't cooperating. I just sat around, looking pretty, and helping whenever he asked for it.

He was able to easily put it in my room and I went to work, organizing my printer, desk organizer, and laptop on it. While there's not a ton of room to work with after all that, it's the perfect size for me. I don't really require a lot of room. Everything fits perfectly on it and I just really love the clean design of it. I plan on adding a few shelves above it to house schoolbooks and other knick-knacks, but I am really, really pleased with this purchase. The wood feels smooth and strong and it's the perfect height for me.

I would definitely recommend checking out CSN Stores for your next purchase, especially if it involves furniture! They have such a huge array of choices, in almost every style you can think of. My next big purchase for my room is a dresser and you can be sure I'll be scouring their site in the near future for one!

Disclaimer: CSN Stores gifted me with a certificate to put towards this purchase, although I did have to pay some money out of pocket. They did not ask me for a good review, but rather a fair and honest one. 


  1. I'm glad you found a desk that was a good match for your space! :)

  2. Great Review, I am supposed to review something as well, but STILL haven't decided what to get!! Personally I've found their wide selection overwhelming, and then frustrating when half the things I would purchase are out of stock. Oh well. I'm glad you had a good experience!!

  3. Yay, I'm glad you found something you love. And CSN rocks =-)

  4. Very cool! This CSN place sounds pretty awesome.

  5. Isn't a new desk a ridiculous amount of fun?! I love organizing, haha =)

  6. Excellent, I use my dinning room table as a desk. Found you through location central, now following your blog!


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