Friday, January 21, 2011

Odds and Ends, the January Edition


I am so happy it’s Friday. Even though I have tons of homework on the horizon, it’s been a crazy week and I just want some time to relax.

  • I went into a panic on Saturday because I looked at my tuition and saw that my scholarship hadn’t gone through yet. It pays for a good chunk of my tuition and I depend on it. So, perhaps I freaked out a bit, started worrying that I was going to be dropped from my classes, and have to wait another semester (or two) to graduate. I looked again on Sunday and sure enough, my scholarship went through. Phew! Big, big sigh of relief.
  • Panic #2 began a few hours after Panic #1 ended. I looked at my Spanish II class and Spanish II Lab and realized: they didn’t match up. I remember when I registered that the classes and labs weren’t paired up and didn’t let you know which lab to register for which class. It was really pick-and-choose-and-pray-you’re-right. Well, I was wrong. And I remembered about it after the add/drop period, meaning I couldn’t drop the lab I was in and add the correct one. Instead, I have to send in a petition to make an even exchange of the labs. I had to have my professor sign an “Add Class” form and another professor sign a “Drop Class” form, as well as writing a personal statement why I was doing this. Luckily, my advisor talked me through this and seemed positive I could get this changed without any hassles. It’s a 1 credit course and is standing in the way of my graduation, not to mention it means I’m not in the right lab for my class! It’s been a stressful few days dealing with this, but I have high hopes that everything would turn out OK in the end.
  • My classes themselves are going great. My Spanish teacher is wonderful and has such a passion for the language. It’s exciting to see! Signing up for a creative writing class was the best decision I made (even though it’s making me question majoring in journalism and not English). I feel a kindred spirit with all of my classmates. I can’t say much about my literature course, although it’s going to require a lot out of me. I’m a little nervous about that class! And lastly, my capstone course is going to be pretty awesome since it’s all about what to do once we graduate, plus it’s filled with all the people I’ve been through the program with!
  • I bought my first pair of eyeglasses this past week. I know, I know. I am well on my way to becoming a Grown-Up. Visionworks is having a half-off sale so I got a cute pair of frames, as well as lenses for just $129! I opted out of the no-glare because I’ve never had it on my glasses and haven’t really seen a problem.
  • My mom came home to work on Monday night and said, “I think it’s time.” Time for what? TIME FOR HER TO QUIT HER SECOND JOB! I’m so stoked about this. She has worked there for 4 1/2 years, working 6-day work weeks and really having no days to herself. Mondays, she works from 8:30-5 at her job, then heads right over to her second job and works there from 5:30-8:30. Saturdays, she has to be at work at 7, and works anywhere from 3-5 with only a half-hour lunch break. The work isn’t bad, she just doesn’t like working that much and not having much in common with her coworkers. Before, we desperately needed that second income but we’re doing much better financially and I’m hoping to snag some type of job when I graduate to begin contributing to the bills. I’m just so thrilled for her, because she deserves to have a normal weekend!
  • I’m only completing 2 out of my 5 goals currently. My water intake has been dreadful and while I made it last Saturday with no media, I always forget that I’m supposed to cut myself off from technology at 9pm! And let’s not even get started on my finances. But I still have 10 days left of January. I can still do this.
  • The amount of homework I have waiting for me this weekend is a little terrifying. Poems to read, discussions to submit, a test to take, lectures to watch, a letter to write, an article to submit, and a resume to draft. Along with old-school I-feel-like-I’m-back-in-high-school homework from the textbook for Spanish. I just need to buckle down and get to it!

I hope everyone has a splendid weekend! What are your plans? Please, make me jealous with anything not involving homework! Don’t forget to enter my giveaway for a $55 gift certificate to CSN Stores. It ends Sunday at 7pm, the winner will be announced on Monday.

P.S. Go Steelers and Packers this weekend! Woop, woop!


  1. Whew-sounds busy, busy, busy! Congrats to your mom for quitting!

  2. Busy busy bee!!! Good luck! I have a lot of homework too! I feel your pain!

  3. Holy cow about your panic attacks! They were definitely well-earned, but I'm glad everything looks like it'll be working out okay. Wahoo for LAST semester - and SO excited for your mom!

  4. Oh my gosh, I have lots of freak outs over my aid for school. So scary! Glad everything worked out though.

    And yay for your mom quitting her second job!! That is so darn exciting!

  5. This is great news about your Mom quitting her second job! Woohoo!

    I am also glad things worked out with your scholarship money and switching the lab class. Those are unnecessary anxiety-inducing, but you've got it taken care of. Phew!

    Unfortunately, I can't really make you jealous with great plans for my weekend other than taking care of errands and hopefully getting some time to read and relax. Better than homework? Yes. ;)

  6. YAY for your mom quitting her second job and having a REAL weekend :) Exciting!

    My yoga teacher said the other day that we have to TEACH our body to WANT water. So force yourself to drink it even if you're not thirsty and before you know it you'll be sipping on water all day long :)

  7. Wow take a page directly from my life why don'tcha? LOL!
    Weekend Plans: I'm going to take a chance and go see a play with friends tonight, but turning right around and slaving over my homework until 11:50PM and hopefully submitting it. lol.
    Then I have to go find someone to photography over the weekend for my photojournalism class.
    Then come back and finish up Chapter 1 homework that I missed and start Chapter 3's which is due Tuesday.
    *deep breaths*
    ...speaking of glasses..its way.past.time for me to get new ones..*writes that on to-do list

  8. So much good stuff going on!!! Don't worry about the work load, it will def get done!

  9. I wish I had some fun stuff to make you jealous with BUT I don't. I have class all day Saturday and that's about as far as I've gotten, haha. Maybe some crafting on Sunday. That's fun! :)

  10. I hope everything works out for you, girl! Class logistics can be crazy.


  11. yea for the scholarship coming through! Phew! Huge relief!

    I have a lot of studying to do this weekend, too... But i am also going for lunches and getting a pedicure with some girlfriends tomorrow which I am really excited about!!

  12. Yay for your mom having weekends and your scholarship coming through :)

    I have a ton of work to do this weekend, but I got a lot ton today because of the unexpected snow day so that's putting me in a much better place.

  13. I'm totally jealous of your creative writing class, just so you know ;) What lit class are you taking?

    Good for your mom!! That was a really courageous step.

    Ah. Weekend plans not involving homework. Does that exist? haha. Well, I'm reading "The Hobbit" right now, and even though that doesn't really count 'cause it's for a class, I'm still enjoying it!

  14. P.S. Post pics of your new eyeglasses! I always wanted glasses when I was a kid...

  15. sounds like your handling all this unexpected stress like a champ! I'd be crying!

    Let's see the new glasses!

    Hooray for Momma!


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