Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ten on Tuesday, Vol. 27


1. Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day?
No. Never have, and probably never will. Although, I did see Valentine’s window clings at Target with a weiner dog saying “Be Mine!” I almost bought because hello, how perfect would it be? But then I remembered I am a humbug for Valentine’s Day.

2. Does your desktop have a picture or a computer graphic? Is it organized?
Yes, a picture of my brother and I. I love it. It’s cute. It’s mostly organized, although I have a tendency to just take my pictures from my camera and place them on my desktop. I just organized my pictures (I had probably 20-30 just floating around) but then added about 5 new ones I need to organize.

3. Do you use a paper planner, electronic planner, or no planner at all?
I’m definitely a paper planner girl. I’ve tried to do things electronically, but for some reason I need to be able to touch and feel my planner and see things in my writing. And I just got this fabulous $5 Vera Bradley planner. It was basically love at first sight with this thing.

4. Do you change purses or bags often, or stick with a good thing?
Stick with a good thing. I only change purses at most twice a year. I just find the whole purse experience to be time-consuming (I’m very picky!) so when I find something I like, I keep it around for a while. ;)

5. What’s your favorite YouTube video?
I don’t really have one. I’m not a big YouTube-r. Although, yesterday, I was keeping my nephew occupied with Cookie Monster and Elmo videos on YouTube and we learned “Elmo’s Song” and it feels like we learned it together so it’s pretty special to me. :) (And what’s fun about watching videos with a 2-year-old is halfway into Elmo’s video, he would ask for “Cookie”. Then, halfway into Cookie Monster’s video, he would ask for “Elmo.” It’s like he has the attention span of a two-year-old!)

6. Do you use Turbo Tax or a real person to pay your taxes?
Turbo Tax, although it’s not that. It’s some other free thing that my mom found online, since I only work part-time and have nobody to claim.

7. How many states have you stepped foot (or tire) into? Which ones?
Let’s see: Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Virginia, and West Virginia. That’s it! Only 6. Pathetic. I need to get out more.

8. How many countries have you been in? Which ones?
Just this one. Again, pathetic.

9. How many pillows are in your house? (Sleeping or decorative)
I have 4 in my room, my mom has 3 with her, and we have 2 for the couch. So…nine! (This reminds me that I really need to get some new pillows! Mine are lumpy, lumpy!)

10. How cold is too cold for flip-flops?
I would say in the 40s. But then again, I’m a wimp when it comes to cold weather.

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  1. I'm such a purse girl... I think I change bags like twice a week! But to be fair I don't BUY new bags that often I just switch with my massive collection of like... 60 or so (i've mellowed out with it now!)

  2. I need a paper planner as well and I HATE changing up purses!

    Oh and if you want to visit a new state there's always a bedroom open for you in Wisconsin, hehe.

  3. I am totally with you on the purse thing... I usually use my purses until they fall apart and then have a very hard time finding a new one ;)

  4. Girl, I'm a humbug too when it comes to V-Day! I used to always volunteer to work every V-Day so everyone with "others" could be off. Now I look forward to it bc we go to our favorite restaurant but other than that, we don't do much.

  5. 40s? That's pretty darn cold to be wearing flip flops if you ask me =) I stop around 60 degrees. True story.

  6. If I could ever get my apartment clean, I would love to decorate for valentine's day... I mean single awareness day. ;) Single people unite :D Who needs a stupid boy anyway. ;)

  7. Seriously, who decorates for V Day???

  8. I think I am pretty tough when it comes to cold weather and I def wouldn't wear flip flops when it's in the 40s. So don't call yourself a wimp!

    And don't beat yourself up too much over the traveling! Aside from studying abroad, the bulk of my traveling has happened after graduating from college. Just make it a priority to save for a trip if it's something you really want to do!

  9. My cousin told me yesterday that one of her co-workers is going to have a Valentine's party like what Jessica Beal had in Valentine's Day. I don't mean to be bitter and jealous, but I would so go.

  10. Oh, I also meant to say that I don't understand the girls who swap purses like underwear. My mom has to "match." I got her this $300 Coach purse (only, I got it for $80 because it had an eyeliner mark on it that easily came off with some rubbing alcohol). Anyway, the purse is yellow, so she only wears it with yellow articles of clothing. I'm like, "Mom, seriously?" I don't care what color the purse is. If it's Coach, I'm wearing with everything.

  11. 40 is way too cold for my toes in flip flops! I'm a major wimp and am in my uggs at the point :)
    Thanks for your sweet words on my blog, it's kind of amazing how important dogs can be, isn't it?

  12. I find one bag and stick with it. I generally carry too much stuff and am too lazy to swamp it out every month or so. I carry this great big bag that could easily be mistaken for an overnight bag.

  13. I just mentally counted all the pillows in my house, and there are 29, not counting all the extras in the closet (which would probably put us at about 40). Apparently I have a pillow problem.

  14. I've been to 4 countries! This one, Scotland, Kenya, and Russia. Don't be discouraged, I didn't leave the country for the first time until I was 24. And when I finally did it was for a mission trip. I highly recommend it.


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