Monday, February 7, 2011

Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen

Someone-Like-You-sarah-dessen-12741413-326-500 Someone Like You by Sarah Dessen was a book about friendship and coming into your own. It focused on 15-year-old Halley, whose best friend, Scarlett, finds out her boyfriend, Michael, had been killed in a motorcycle accident. They had only been dating for a few weeks but she later finds out that she is pregnant with his baby. Halley becomes focused on helping Scarlett through this, especially with all the other girls in high school Michael had dated, crying over his loss. Halley also finds a new (and exciting) friend in Michael’s best friend, Macon. They begin dating, even though they are as different as night and day. Through all of this, she begins pulling away from her parents and sticking close to her friends and boyfriend.

I don’t want to give the story away, so that’s the gist of it. I haven’t read YA fiction in a really long time, so I wasn’t sure how I would like the story but I loved it. Dessen has this amazing voice throughout the entire book and the characters are so well developed. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary, the plot flowed along smoothly, and it was real.

There were a lot of issues brought up in the book: virginity, sex, love, friendship, rebellion, drinking, drugs, parents, teenage pregnancy. And I have to say that Dessen did an awesome job covering them without going too over the top, or being too preachy. It was a little hard for me to read because I have cousins the same age as Halley and Scarlett and I see a lot of the same emotions in them as I saw in these friends. Many times, I just wanted to hit Halley upside the head for the hurtful things she said to her mom or the way she treated Macon as the best person she’d ever known, only because I’ve seen the way my cousins have lashed out or acted like their friends were better than family. But it also helped me to see their side. In high school, things are crazy. Emotions are all over the place and the only people who really understand what you’re going through are your friends, because they’re going through the same things. They get you.

This is the first book of Dessen’s that I’ve read and I enjoyed it so much, I’m definitely going to pick up more of her books. The story was real and honest, and something I would definitely recommend for a teen or someone who enjoys YA fiction.

What was the last YA fiction book you read?


  1. The last YA fiction book I read was the Hunger Games series. That series really does not strike me as YA, though! I thought there was plenty to hold the interest of an adult! :)

  2. This sounds like it would be a good book! The last YA book that I read was actually the final Harry Potter book, which I have read before, but decided to re-read because, I'm a fan of the series.

  3. Was this a movie too with Mandy Moore or someone like that?

  4. To the person who commented above me...

    Yes, it's a movie. It's called How to Deal. I think the book version of How to Deal is two Sarah Dessen books in one. :)

    Anyway, I love YA fiction. It's usually a quick read, and I barely have time for anything else between work and grad school!

    I tend to lead toward the fantasy genre when it comes to YA, so I recently read Ship Breaker, Unearthly, and right now I'm reading the Hunger Games!

  5. That was my favorite book when I was in 8th grade! I actually wrote Sarah Dessen a letter telling her how much I loved it. (She never responded, sadly) You should watch the movie version with Mandy's pretty good. It's a little bit different but still cute! It's called How to Deal!

  6. I love this review! Haven't read the book, but it sounds interesting.

    I'm taking an adolescent lit class, so I get to read lots of YA fiction this semester... the last book I read was "The Giver" for the second time... it's well-written, if a bit creepy. (And just for fun, I'm re-reading "The Eagle of the Ninth" before the movie comes out. It was my favorite book in high school.)

  7. I love YA quick to read! The last YAbook I read was the Hunger Games. Usually totally not my style, but I got hooked!

  8. I may have to put this on my read list. I'll pre-read it and perhaps let my daughter read it in a couple years. Thanks for sharing!

  9. Was this a movie too with Mandy Moore or someone like that?


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