Thursday, February 10, 2011

Thursday Tidbits

  • First of all, today I’m guest-posting over at Becky’s blog! She asked for a theme of love so I wrote about the boy I love the most: my nephew! This blog post was so much fun to write, even moreso that Becky is also an aunt and knows exactly how I feel! Check it out here.
  • Today is supposed to be the day I recap my weight loss and tomorrow is supposed to be the day I vlog. I haven’t had time to record a vlog this week and to recap this week in weight loss: Super Bowl. Gained 1.2 pounds. The end. 
  • I’m finding myself busier and busier with school and kind of loving it. My five-week break was incredibly delightful and relaxing, but I’m realizing that I like to keep busy. It also helps that my classes are quite fun and I get to explore my creative writing side, which is a big no-no when it comes to journalism. The papers I’m writing for my literature and creative writing classes are so much fun and so interesting to write that a part of me is glad I’m taking them at the end of my undergraduate career and not a few semesters ago because it seriously would have tempted me to switch majors. No joke.
  • Half-marathon training-wise, it’s going okay. I missed my long run on Sunday because it was raining and I just didn’t have it in me to run 5 miles on the treadmill. My training runs have been better than I expected, even though I’m still not running the whole time but I am running more than I’m walking. I’m still extremely nervous leading up to my runs, but they’re getting done. I’m ready to tackle this upcoming week. I have a 3.5-miler scheduled for today and a 5-miler scheduled for Saturday. 5 miles will be a new (running) distance record for me so fingers crossed!
  • I want to run one of the Gasparilla races at the end of this month. I’m debating on whether I should run the 5K on Saturday or the 8K on Sunday. I’m only scheduled to run 3 miles that weekend, but I’ve never run an 8K distance in a race and it kind of interests me. Make the decision for me! ;)
  • By the way, March 24th is the day the world will end for me. Also known as the day I have to present my short story for critiques. I’ve never shown my fiction work to anyone and to say I’m nervous is an extreme understatement. I have a million different ideas of what I want my short story to be but nothing I feel comfortable writing down and showing.


  1. you have to give your self some leniency since you pry had all that amazing superbowl food!

  2. If you feel like you would enjoy it, I say try for the 8k race. It could be fun and it may motivate you as your training to run an even longer distance! And, you can always break it up into as many run/walk intervals as you want!

    Something tells me your short stories are going to be really well written! You're a good writer!

  3. Don't beat yourself up too much over the gain. I think those are bound to happen from time t time... I hated when that happened, but eventaully came to realize that it's part of every weight loss journey... Hang in there - you are doing so well1

    I had to share a short story for a class in undergrad and remember how nerve wracking it was... but I survived! :)

  4. Your short story is going to be amazing!

  5. Do the 8K! Tackling and destroying a new distance will give you a lot of confidence!

    I HATED sharing my writing when I was in university too so I feel your pain! You'll be great though :)

  6. First off, that picture of a donut below is killing me! I so want a cake sprinkle donut right now! My vote: 8k!!! You can totally do it!!!

  7. Girl, I gained at least one pound when I was in Florida last weekend. Something about the BBQ there is just irresistible... so yeah, I feel you. I'm back on the wagon this week!

    Good luck with your runs, I'm sure you'll be great.

    And just remember, when you share your story, they have no idea where you got the idea or basis for it so don't be nervous!

  8. I say go for the 5K just so you don't overwork yourself from training for the half-marathon. :) Good luck!

  9. I am starting to feel so stressed and I don't have nearly as much to do as you seem to. Deep breaths!!!

  10. You got this girl... weight gains happen, and that's totally okay! I hadn't weighed in before tuesday in 3 weeks and i only gained 1.2 pounds-- that's a huge deal for me!

  11. A new PDR (personal distance record) on the way! Yay!

    I bet your stories are fab :)

    I do better when I am busy too. Until the point I Get exhausted and cannot handle the stress anymore ;)

  12. It's really hard sharing creative writing with other people. I was a bit more easygoing about it when I was a couple years younger, but now I've really clammed up about it! I hate the idea that if I love my work so much and someone else doesn't, it might ruin it for me. But I know that's probably not the case, and same goes for you! You'll totally kick ass :)

  13. I say if you're up for the challenge, then go for the 8K, you can do it!
    As for your short story, write something you are passionate about. Change it up, so it doesn't seem so personal (if you're concerned about other people reading your feeling, etc). You express yourself great in your blog. So be confident in yourself. Maybe even pretend it's a blog. Best of Luck!

  14. Thanks again for guest blogging!!!


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