Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Confessions, Part 5

1. I can’t stand the word “totes”. I know a ton of people use it, but it sounds totally teeny-bopper.

2. I’ve only had froyo once, and it was plain with sprinkles on top. And it was nasty. Last weekend, I found out that a mall near me is opening a PINKBERRY! Color me excited!

3. I’ve had a Kindle sitting in my shopping cart on Amazon for over a month now. I’m still undecided. (Convince me?)

4. Sometimes, I get consumed with thoughts of Dutch dying. I really don’t know how I’m going to handle it. He’s like an extension of me.

5. I am extremely worried that I’ll still be working at my preschool months after I graduate. I don’t hate my job there, but I am most definitely ready for something new.

6. Yesterday, I found out the reason for my phone battery draining so quickly: Ubersocial, my Twitter app on my phone. I had it set to auto-refresh every minute and didn’t exactly see the little disclaimer that said setting auto-refresh for anything less than every 5 minutes with severely drain your battery. Uh…whoops?

7. I can’t bring myself to give away a baby doll I had since I was 7.

8. As much as I loved supporting her, the day of my mom’s marathon was the worst day of my life. I was running on no sleep or food and worried the entire time about her. Plus, it was cold and we were outside for 8+ hours. I’m so incredibly proud of her and loved being in that environment, but next time, I’m doing things a lot differently.

9. I could never have another drop of alcohol and I would be absolutely fine. The same can not be said about soda.

10. I’ve never gotten anything aside from a Frappuccino from Starbucks. I don’t drink coffee on a regular basis, and it’s always more of a treat when I end up getting something from there. Fraps taste like a coffee milkshake!

11. I’m finding running 100% more enjoyable now that I’m running for fun, and not for a ridiculous goal.

12. In September, I had my running gait analyzed and found out I’m a bad overpronater. So I bought stability shoes and now I think I’m supinating, due to the way the bottom of my shoes have worn away. My feet are weird.

13. I’m currently playing 13 Words With Friends games. I’m a bit addicted. (Add me? Username is stephanywrites and I promise I’m an easy opponent. Heh.)

14. I haven’t been to the movies since May, when I saw Letters to Juliet.

15. There are 66 days until my cruise but it’s hard to get excited about it when I’m caught up in another semester of school. But after graduation? Oh, it’s on!

What are some of your confessions today?


  1. Get a Kindle! I love, love, love mine! It just makes reading so convenient for me. I carry it in my purse, so I ALWAYS have something to read, no matter where I'm at.

    My confession: I'm really over this semester. It has (mostly) been an easy semester, but I'm ready for a long break!

  2. 5. Yeah me too. My oldest dog is 12 loosing her teeth, slowing down. sigh.
    13. - Yes I needed another opponent my current peeps keep leaving me! :))

  3. 3. I love my Kindle, but I don't find myself using it as much as I originally thought. When I do read on it though, the book just ZOOMS by! It's so much fun to use, I just need to get more used to it!
    9. I mostly agree with this. My friends always bug me about how I don't like to drink and I don't understand why. I've never given in to peer pressure and I don't understand why it upsets them- they can still drink!
    10. When I first started going to Sbucks I used to only get that too! But now I've changed it up a little. A few amazing drinks you can try: a London Fog (it's an early grey tea with vanilla and steamed milk, DELICIOUS) and a white chocolate moka (very sweet, definitely not an every day thing) but still worth trying.

  4. i love words with friends! i will start a game with you. i have a few things from childhood i can't part with, i think it's normal :)

  5. Okay Steph, I think the same thing about Monte. He's my baby and my joy and if anything ever happened to him I seriously think I would fall apart. I need to find the Fountain of Youth so that I can make him live forever.


    Also, I worry about Harry cat dying everyday. It makes me super upset.

    Finally, I love my Kindle. It's one of the best gifts I've ever gotten---super convenient, I read more than ever. I say go for it!

  7. I love these - so much to comment on! But why are you excited for Pinkberry if you hated your first froyo experience? I hate to burst your Punkberry bubble, but in my humble opinion, PB is the worst of the froyo options. It's... so TRENDY! If you ever make it to DC, ask me for good froyo recs, OK? ;)

  8. Love confessions :)

    Are we playing "Words with Friends" yet? (have to check on my iPod when I get home!)

    Frappuccinos are YUMMY! I even got my Dad into them :)

  9. I feel that way about Bama dying :( mark says he's nervous for that day because he knows I'll be a wreck!

  10. I actually started using totes because I found it so ridiculous and then I couldn't stop. It's addictive!

  11. I can't bring myself to buy a Kindle just yet, even though I would like one. I've heard that in the future Amazon might offer a free Kindle if you purchase Amazon Prime, and if that is the case I might do that. However, until then, I'm just fine with my "normal" books.

    I am SO SO SO SO glad there is another 21+ in this world who can do without alcohol the way I can. I despise the taste of most of it. But my Dr. Pepper? Take that from me and we're both in trouble. :P

  12. Rose is totally an extension of me too and I'll definitely be taking time off work on the terrible day she's no longer with us!

  13. I think the same thing about Molly as you do about Dutch. She's still young, but my last dog passed away suddenly when she was only 3 years old, and sometimes I worry that it will happen again! She's an extension of me, too.

    Ahhh... coffee. I'm staying away from it for my pregnancy, but I miss it! It's like your love for soda. :)

  14. I'm playing in 11 WWF games (yours included!) And i think i'm losing in all of them, AWESOMEEEE! not. but it's still way fun :)

  15. I heart me some Fro Yo or Yo My Goodness! Someone mentioned TCBY the other day and now I want some...bad!

  16. Number one made me laugh. A LOT. And will you hate me if I tell you I don't know what Pinkberry is?

  17. I do not have a kindle, but I would love one! The space I would save!!!
    And I am 27 and still have my first doll baby. My daugther is 4 and still asks me if she can have my doll. I can't part with it. I just can't. I kept her very close to me. Confession: In my side table drawer. Don't feel bad about your doll, you'll feel worse if you get rid of her!
    Oh and a Kindle may be nice if you take a trip, say a cruise, and have free time or down time and just want to relax outside on the deck with a nice book (Kindle) and read while listening to the ocean.

  18. What is 13 Words with a friend? What website?

  19. I want a Kindle so bad!!! I think you should get one. :)

  20. I love your confessions posts!

    What are "totes," even? Like a tote bag?

    Hmm, confessions... I really can't stand my team leader at work but there is nothing I can do about it. She says awful things to most of us on a daily basis, but thinks we're all friends. She's awful! And makes me feel awful.

    Another confession... I am nervous about what my family will say if they notice I have lost weight (I see them this weekend). Some of them are kind of weird about it. I almost wish they would not say anything at all.

  21. Get a kindle! I have a nook and I LOVE it!! Seriously! I resisted and now I dont know why I did because it was the best investment!

    Confession: I don't understand why people think Johnny Depp is so sexy. I actually think he is kind of scuzzy looking! Not at all attractive in my opinion!

  22. My dog Jack is turning seven this summer and just thinking about it makes me sad. I know he has awhile longer to live but the thought of losing him? KILLS me. So I totally get that.

    We just got my mom a Nook Color for her birthday (today!) and I have to say, I'm kind of curious about it. I love holding books in my hands but I can't really say that traveling without all the heft a book would not appeal to me... So yeah, need to figure that one out.

    My confessions? I've started watching Jersey Shore and I kind of like it (which is really embarrassing and I'm sure my university where I got my Masters would like it back), I gave up soda for Lent and don't really miss it and lately, I can't sleep at all unless Knight is with me. It's really incredibly dreadful.


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