Monday, May 2, 2011

So Long, April


April was a busy month for me. And it showed in the fact that I only posted six times. For me, that’s not a lot. My entire April seemed to be wrapped up in school and finishing up assignments that blogging fell by the wayside. It happens.

April was about school. It was crunch time to get all my assignments completed. I knew I had to complete my final draft of my short story, complete a bunch of quizzes and blogs for my online lit class, and take two Spanish exams. For my senior seminar course, I had a mock interview and a professional website to finish. It was going to be a busy month. And let’s just add on anxiety that I would fail a class or something would happen that would cause me not to graduate. It was a worrisome month.


But I got through it with hard work and determination. I set aside an entire weekend to fix my short story and make it a million times better than it had previously. (And my second read-through went a lot better, as well, with my classmates telling me how much they enjoyed this second version.) I set aside time daily to work on my website and make it look as professional and unique as I could, using a free template. I began studying a week in advance for my Spanish tests to make sure I knew the vocabulary and verb tenses backwards and forwards. Any extra time left over was used for my literature class.

I’m ending April on a good note. All of my work is done and I did the best job I could. Next Sunday, I will be walking across a stage to receive my diploma and it will all have been worth it.


April was also the month of the IronGirl race. It was the month I should have been able to declare myself a half-marathoner, but I ran the 5K instead. It was a great race and I had a blast. I ran my fastest 5K yet and it proved to me how strong and capable I can be when I put my mind to it.

Easter was made more special by seeing it through the eyes of my nephew, who is two-and-a-half. We dyed eggs with him and hunted for Easter eggs. Kids just make the holiday so much more fun and he was especially thrilled whenever he saw an “Eter Vony” (Easter Bunny). The day was pretty low-key, with dinner at my grandparent’s house and spending the night curled up on the couch, watching TV.


I started applying for jobs in April. And worked a lot on my resume. At the beginning, it was pretty awful and I had a sweet Twitter friend who helped me to make it sound and look better. I only applied to three jobs: two involving human resources and one involving marketing. I was called in for an interview for the marketing job and today, I am in the midst of the second round of interviews. This is big and I am desperately praying that God grants me this job. I mean, how awesome would it be to already have a job lined up before I graduate?

As for weight loss, it was a pretty stellar month for me as I lost 4 pounds this month. It puts me at 12 pounds total and I am finally beginning to see the difference. Some pants are fitting looser and my clothes are looking better on me. Seeing the results in the mirror is sometimes better than seeing the results on the scale. And while I’m not counting on May to be a big weight loss month (uh...I’m going to count it as a success if I only gain 5 pounds during my cruise...), I’m still hoping to stay on plan and keep a consistent exercise pattern.

May is going to be a busy month for me but I’m excited about it. It marks my graduation, cruise, and hopefully a job offer. I am so ready for May!

What exciting things are happening for you in May?


  1. Fingers crossed for the job!! And what a month... I want to give you a massive congratulations already! May is going to be amazing for you - this month I am looking forward to the snow finally being gone, Fleet Foxes' new album this week, and the long weekend!

  2. Good luck on the job search! In May I'm looking forward to mini road trips up on the East Coast with my bff.

  3. Best of luck today! I hope you get the job.
    May is a busy month for me: I've got 2 courses to work through and finish, then all the moving business is going down (with a 2 week stay at my parents in the middle).

  4. girlwiththeredhair5/2/11, 10:53 AM

    Been thinking of you all morning! Good luck today!! April was a busy/exciting month for you, I have a feeling May will be just as great! :)

  5. Crazy month! I didn't realize you only posted 6 times, man time flew by! I felt like I was constantly having trouble keeping up lol!! Good luck for your job once again, and I'm super jealous that your cruise is so close! It's gonna be awesome.

  6. you are ROCKING IT.
    I feel so bad I haven't read your story yet, oh my gosh!! my inbox is stupid and I've been so bad at being focused. I will though!

  7. Graduation-woohoo! All your hard work is paying off. Congrats lady!

  8. Good luck - hope this 2nd round interview went well. It's great that you are getting called for interview, though! That's awesome in this market!!

    I don't have much exciting planned for may... just a whole lot of studying! But it will all be behind me soon!

  9. Cruise! I'm so excited for your cruise =) I move at the end of the month, so that's my big news and big things coming up... I can't believe it's here already. Can't wait to see photos of you in the cap & gown!

  10. So this is why I don't think I could ever live in Canada: looking forward to snow being gone... IN MAY! Insanity. :) You are my hero.


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