Saturday, June 4, 2011

Project 365 Saturday: 1-14

One of my goals for 2011 was to complete Project 365, taking a picture a day for an entire year. I failed miserably after February but I’m not giving up until I see this thing through! Therefore, to give me further motivation and incentive (and a way to remember!), I will be posting my photos here on Saturdays. As the weekends are notorious for low blog traffic, it’s the perfect little series. Enjoy my first two weeks of pictures!


001 - The Sunshine Skyway Bridge, taken as my cruise ship was sailing underneath. We only had 6 inches between the top of our ship and the bottom of the bridge! Quite close!


002 - What a storm looks like from a cruise ship.


003 - Oh, you know, just kissing a stingray in Grand Cayman. No biggie.


004 - A trip to the Mayan Ruins in Cozumel, Mexico.


005 - Sunset on my last night on the cruise ship.


006 - Just my view as I was eating breakfast before we had to disembark.


007 - Dutch laying on one of my purchases from Cozumel!


008 - The view off my uncle’s dock. Oh, to see this every day!


009 - My nephew and my mom playing in the pool. It reopened that day, much to our happiness!


010 - A sweet new bedding set from Ikea. My dog is not happy with the change.


011 - Tuesday night dinner. Salsa chicken in the Crock-Pot, paired with corn on the cob and tortilla chips. Easiest dinner ever!


012 - Finished with Week 3, Day 2 of Couch to 5K! I was feeling lazy and gross on Wednesday, so it was a good workout to make me feel better.


013 - Reading in the dog park.


014 - A new haircut!


  1. Brittany Pitcher6/4/11, 11:58 AM

    Those pictures are beautiful! Your hair looks AMAZING!

  2. Great pictures, and your hair does look awesome! :)

  3. KJHartenstein6/4/11, 2:36 PM

    I LOVE salsa chicken! It is SO good!  We always pair it with rice and tortilla chips.

    And your new cut is AWESOME!

  4. I love these pictures and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your haircut!!! :)

  5. I don't think I ever realized Dutch was so small!  Adorable. 

  6. Good for you! I attempted it twice, failed both times and have just accepted it :) the only bad thing is I bought these P365 scrapbooks that I'm now stuck with, ha!

  7. I WISH I still had the willpower for project 365. Your pictures are kinda making me feel wistful about it though, I had fun when I was seeing it through! Maybe I'll join you next week or some Saturday soon in this weekly post thing? PS: I think this might be the nicest I've ever seen your hair on you, it keeps getting more gorgeous! 

  8. I got the "recipe" from a blog - maybe yours? Easiest dinner ever!

    I'm so pleased with the cut. I didn't know I was going that short but my stylist is a master and I didn't want to mess with her genius. Ha!

  9. Yep! He's a miniature - only 11 pounds. Just a little guy. :)

  10. Ha - this is my 3rd or 4th attempt. I'm hoping that making it a blog series, it will keep me focused. Let's check back in 3 months, though. 

  11. Yes, do it! I'm hoping that putting it on my blog, it will help!

  12. Oh 365. I have made up all kinds of excuses as too why I stopped! lol. I'm blaming a lack of variety at the moment. Cute new "do"! :) 

  13. your new haircut rocks!!! i love it so much!! i bet it makes you feel all confident and stuff :)

  14. lisasyarns6/5/11, 2:30 PM

    Oh fun!  What a great challenge/idea! 

    I love your new haircut!  And your bedding!  I don't do well in Ikea as I get super duper overwhelmed.  Like bad.  But I know I need to go there after I move!

  15. Love the pictures. Can you send me the recipe for crockpot salsa chicken please?

  16. Love all the photos and... I LOOOOOVE your hair!! It looks so fabulous and makes me want to make a hair appt. ASAP to do something fun with mine! It's in need of a change!

  17. Thank you! It's pretty fun to work with. :)

  18. Ikea is crazy! It would be nuts just with all the STUFF...but add all the people & employees and it's a crazyhouse. And you could easily spend so. much. money on things you didn't know you ever needed. ;)

  19. It's super easy: just plop the chicken in the Crock-Pot, pour salsa on top, and let it cook! That's it. :) It gives the chicken an extra kick of flavor, I think. 

  20. I didn't know my stylist was going to go that short but I'm sorta glad she did! It's fun and perfect for the summer. :)


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