Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Western Caribbean Cruise: Playa Azul


After our tour of the Mayan Ruins, we were taken to a place called Playa Azul which was a resort at a beach. We were going to be served lunch and then have about 45 minutes to enjoy the beach and/or pool. It was around 2:00 p.m. when we finally got to Playa Azul, and we were starving. I had eaten a small breakfast around 9:00 but my stomach was feeling a little off so it wasn’t much.

I was excited for lunch and ready to experience some yummy Mexican food.

Uhh... not really.


We were served two mini-tortillas with maybe an 1/8th cup of fajitas (more sauce than fajitas, though) on each tortilla. And then the “light salad” we were promised in the brochure was actually a small serving (not even 1/4th cup) of coleslaw. That. Was. It. I’m sorry, but that is NOT lunch! That is a snack. I wish I had taken a picture of this piddly offering but I was too busy trying to make it last for more than 3.5 seconds. (It did not.)

After our lunch snack, my mom and I headed to the beach to lay out and enjoy being in Mexico. (Even if our bellies were grumbling.) We tried going into the ocean but a) it was freezing and b) the floor of the ocean wasn’t very steady. We meandered our way to the pool where we swam for a bit and then just laid out by the pool and read on our Kindles.


We are nothing if not exciting.

This is one excursion I wouldn’t recommend to others. The one in Grand Cayman - heck yes! But this one was fairly disappointing and I was really bummed I missed out on other great excursions because I thought this one would be interesting. While touring the Mayan Ruins was thrilling for me, the second half of the excursion was such a bitter disappointment that it overtook the whole experience. (Especially considering my mom didn’t enjoy the tour, so I was hoping the second half would make up for it.)


We came back on the ship a little after 5:00 and I felt like my heart was breaking as I left Mexico. To know all the fun adventures were over and we only had one more full day left on the ship was incredibly sad. I didn’t want to leave this cruise, didn’t want to enter reality again. Reality is no fun.

Our trip, though, was so much fun. I was able to leave the country for the first time, conquer some fears, and revel in amazing experiences. I am now a huge fan of cruising and I cannot wait to go again!


(Tomorrow, I’ll be giving you the low-down on what I thought about cruising with Carnival and my overall rating of the cruising experience.)


  1. Ohhh no! That sucks that they gave you like no food. I'd expect that from Cuba, but Mexico?! So weird. I remember my excursion in Mexico the food was a bit... strange too, but definitely not that bad. Well, it just gives you a reason to go back and try other fun things! :)

  2. See, I think it's awesome that y'all even got to do these excursions. The two times I went on cruises with my parents, I felt like we hardly ever got off the boat at all. I know my dad and I went jet-skiing once, we went to the beaches of Cozumel and Co Co Cay, but I don't remember doing much else. It's fun getting to see your pictures, though!

  3. How disappointing is your lunch! That's awful. I'm so glad you enjoyed cruising overall though, that's great. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about it overall :) Loved seeing all these photos the last few weeks. Oh, and so with you on reality not being much fun...

  4. That's to bad that this excursion was not a good one.  Bummer. 

    It's always sad at the end of a great vacation!  I get totally bummed when I prepare to return to real life!

  5. Sorry to hear that you didn't enjoy this part of the trip as much as other parts. The views are incredibly beautiful though. That snack sounds ridiculous though. I would hate that as well.

  6. Definitely! I know what excursion I won't be doing. :) There were so many other awesome excursions that I'm sad I got a bad one.

  7. We definitely took advantage of the stops, for sure! The excursions weren't so expensive so next time you cruise, be sure to take advantage of them! They are totally worth it.

  8. And we were STARVING and so looking forward to a good Mexican lunch. Um, not so much. Very disappointing.


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