Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A Recap of July


July was pretty darn awesome. May was probably my favorite month of them all, but July is a very, very close second.

The month started with a fun weekend trip to Orlando for my mom’s birthday. She rarely does anything for her birthday and we needed a weekend away. We visited two water parks, shopped multiple times at Orlando’s amazing outlet mall -- which included a Vera Bradley and Loft outlet. I die. --, and had an amazing, relaxing time. I love hotels and just being in them feels like such a getaway.


July was the month I began to seriously discover online dating. Honestly, the whole dating thing seems tiresome and frustrating so it was never something I wanted to do. But I’ve started to realize how much I am holding myself back and online dating seems like the best option for me to put myself out there. Who knows what will come of it, but for the first time in my life, I am happy with how my “romantic” life is looking. (Not that a lot of romance is happening, persay...) Usually, I’m just frustrated with myself but I’m finally happy with my decisions and beginning to see I’m a pretty darn good catch.


This summer has been a weird one, for many reasons. There has been a lot of stuff happening lately that has made me take a deep, long look at my life and see who is adding positively to it and who is adding negatively to it. I’ve learned that family doesn’t always have your back and sometimes, amazing friendships can blossom online. I’ve learned that I’m not as reserved and shy as I think I am and letting my personality shine through during first encounters is important. I’ve learned I need to take a more active role in my life and stop letting past experience dictate my present.


I think the most exciting part of July happened last week when I was offered a job. The job search is finally over and I can begin my professional life! I am just so excited to begin this new journey and I think it’s going to cause me to grow in incredible ways. I will be working as a media assistant for a small company, assisting with marketing and advertising tasks. I begin August 10th and I couldn’t be more excited! Since my work wardrobe for the past two-and-a-half years has been loose khakis and oversized polos, I can’t even tell you how excited I am to begin shopping for cute business casual clothes and looking more professional on a daily basis!

I’m incredibly excited to see what August holds for me - a new career, another chance at VEDA, and spending time figuring out how to make the best life for me. Next month feels like it’s the beginning of something amazing and I can’t wait to discover it.

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