Saturday, January 7, 2012

Marathon Weekend–Saturday

It’s Saturday night and the nerves are starting to set in – for both my mom and me. I always get super nervous when she races.

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Today was an early wake-up call for us as we were going to Disney World for the day! The last time I was at Disney was a little over a year ago on my birthday but before that? It had been at least ten years. Crazypants! I think I felt “too mature” for Disney. Luckily, there was this great deal where you spend $99 and get a three-day pass to the park (or spend $128 and get a three-day park hopper pass which allows access to all four Disney parks) so we jumped at the opportunity, since it will allow my brother and I a place to chill while waiting for Mom to finish her race.

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Anyway! Today was about Disney – and most especially, experiencing Disney through my nephew’s eyes. Today was his first day at the park ever and being that he’s pretty obsessed with all things Disney (specifically Mickey Mouse and Toy Story), he was in heaven. He was mostly concerned about seeing Mickey but, unfortunately, we never made it over to his meet-and-great area. He did see Pluto, Pinocchio, and Buzz Lightyear. (He was too scared to go up to Pluto and Pinocchio but took a GREAT picture for Buzz!)

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We spent about seven hours at the park today and barely covered two of their lands. Disney World is so huge, there’s no way you could do all you want to do in one day there. We did do a few fun things – the carousel, the teacups (which he LOVED!), the Buzz Lightyear ride (My master zapping abilities were impressive. At least to me.), and the Winnie the Pooh ride, to name a few.

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As a sidenote, I saw a lady bring her tiny, tiny baby on the teacup ride. The baby couldn’t have been more than two months old – and I think I’m giving him a few weeks on that age. WHY WOULD YOU TAKE A NEWBORN TO DISNEY WORLD… MUCH LESS ON A SPINNING RIDE? I just don’t understand this! Even if you don’t use the spinner, it still goes pretty fast for a BABY. Weird.

photo (9)

We had a fun day, though! It was so neat to experience the park through the eyes of a three-year-old. When we arrived, there was a parade of all the characters coming through and the utter glee and astonishment on his face at seeing them all was priceless.

photo (11)

We arrived back at the hotel around 6:00pm and my nephew was zonked out. My brother and sister-in-law left to pick up a pizza and the rest of the night consists of playoff football, eating, and kicking back. My self-imposed bedtime of 7:00pm is flying out the window so now I’m hoping to make it to bed by at least 10:00pm. That will give me… oh, four hours of anxiety-ridden sleep? Sounds like fun!

I’ll be back for the MARATHON recap tomorrow! I will be tweeting up a storm all morning long so be prepared for the onslaught!

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