Friday, February 10, 2012

Odds and Ends

  • I tried writing my weigh-in post today, but the words just wouldn’t come. I hate when that happens. The past two weeks haven’t been weeks to be proud of, but they have been weeks that I can learn from. I’m back to tracking, drinking water, and eating healthy foods. I’m scared to step on the scale, so I’ll leave that for my meeting on Wednesday.

  • I spent the last week uploading all of my Project 365 photos to Flickr. I’m up to Day 73! I’ve never made it this far and the weekly updates on my blog can get cumbersome. Once I get my new blog launched, I’ll have a sidebar showcasing my photos but since most of them post to Twitter and I sprinkle them throughout my posts, I decided to do away with the blog updates.

  • I started a new boot camp class last Saturday. Through Living Social, my mom found a deal for four boot camp classes for $20. The instructor is only former NFL running back, Michael Pittman. After the terrible experience I had with my first boot camp, I was very apprehensive about this one but people love boot camp! They can’t all be terrible, right? Well, yes and no. Yes, because it was terrible. As in, hard and tough and made me want to pass out. And no in the fact that it was over an hour but the time flew by and the instructors were fantastic. Encouraging but tough. I need someone who’s going to be tough on me, make me work for it, and not let me quit. The instructors at my other boot camp gave up on me quickly. What I’m trying to say is that if you’re watching The Biggest Loser this season, Conda ain’t got nothin’ on me. And I need a Dolvett-like trainer to push me past what I think my limits are. After just one class, I’m seriously considering canceling my gym membership so I can afford going to this boot camp every Saturday.

  • I’m reading L.A. Candy right now by Lauren Conrad. The writing isn’t great but there’s just something about that book that I can’t get enough of! Is it time for lunch yet? I need to get back to my book...

  • Speaking of books, I recently found out I can borrow books from the library for my Kindle. I can only request four at a time and only get a week to read each book, but it’s still pretty exciting! I love my Kindle but I never used to buy books before – I always went to the library. It’s been quite a financial burden, with the way I go through books.

  • Tuesday, I was dealing with girl problems and it took everything in me to head to Bible study instead of going home and curling up in a fetal position. I hadn’t finished my homework for the week and was feeling lousy. But man, I am so glad I went! The message Beth Moore gave spoke right to my heart, exactly to what I am dealing with right now. The wheels were turning in my head through the entire message and I can’t wait to share some of what I learned with you guys soon!

  • My running has sucked lately. Su-u-u-u-cked. Running has never been a favorite activity of mine to begin with, but I had been doing good for a few months there. I’m not sure what is going on, but I have a 5K to run in April. And I want to beat my time from last year’s 5K. So I need to figure it out and get to training!

  • I’m also thinking of running walking the Disney Princess Half-Marathon next February. But I’m still not sure I have what it takes to get through 13.1 miles. It’s not an easy feat, for sure!

  • I’m so happy it’s Friday. I have boot camp tomorrow morning and big shopping plans, since I got a nice little bonus in my paycheck this week. I’m trying to be smart with the extra cash, but you can’t fault a girl for wanting to treat herself a little! Wheee!

Have you ever done a boot camp? What was your experience like? What are your weekend plans?

Oh! And a little reminder for #twookclub members! Sunday, I’m closing the discussion for our March book pick and putting up the poll to vote. If you haven’t given a suggestion yet, do so before Sunday at 8pm EST. We have a lot of great suggestions so far, but I’d love for some books that have been suggested to get another nod!

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