Monday, March 5, 2012

Everyday Moments: February 2012

1 - Coming to a major realization about why I struggle with my weight

2 - Chick-Fil-A. Nuggets and fries, oh my!

3 - Ending an anxiety-free week of work, Outback for dinner

4 - Surviving boot camp, getting my hair colored & cut, and a fun night with my brother and nephew

photo (4)

5 - Getting a letter in the mail, saying one of my credit cards had been paid in full (!), the Superbowl

6 - Catching up on the season premiere of The Voice

7 - An incredible night at Bible study and learning more and more about my faith

photo (5)

8 - Chick-Fil-A for breakfast.

9 - Feeling in control for the first time in a few weeks

10 - Fantastic dinner at B.J.’s, which included a delicious, juicy burger

11 - A successful shopping trip, a yummy froyo date, and a long nap

photo (6)

12 - Another fun day of shopping

13 - Deciding to take the leap and go on TWO cruises this summer

14 - Heart-shaped Reese’s

photo (7)

15 - Lunch at Panera, chocolate chip cookies

16 - My first great run in a really long time

17 - Ending a quick and easy work week, reconnecting with friends on Facebook

18 - Spending my entire Saturday reading a book and writing

19 - Movie date with my brother

20 - Managing the media department on a hectic day and being able to control all chaos

21 - My Girl Scouts cookies order came in!

22 - Bringing Tootsie, the office dog, home for a short stay while my boss attends a car show in Detroit

photo (10)

23 - Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies, cuddle time with Dutch

24 - 8 hours of sleep, a quiet night at home

25 - Killer boot cap, a productive Saturday, time spent with my brother and nephew

photo (12)

26 - Sleeping in, finding cute shirts at Target

27 - Starting my move to Wordpress, my mom being ok after a bad fall

28 - Staying on plan, even when I wanted to eat all of my emotions after a very bad day

29 - A quiet night, alone, finishing up a fun book and cleaning

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  1. You Struggle with weight yet you mentioned cookies, burger, fries and nuggets! And you're having a yummy treat! Too funny!!



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