Monday, August 31, 2009

I Love...

So I've seen these types of blog posts floating around the blog-o-sphere as of late. Sometimes they're titled "Grace in Small Things" or something equally catchy. I, being the creative diva that I am, have titled this "I Love..." Here goes!

I Love... Publix subs.
If you don't live in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina or have no idea what I'm talking about. Publix is a grocery store serving hands-down the best subs (or hoagies) anywhere. Subway has nothing on Publix. Their bread is fresh (and twice the size of a Subway roll), their meat is delicious, and their veggies are to die for. And a Publix sub? Actually looks like the ad you see. A Subway sub doesn't even compare. So if you're ever in the 5 states listed, you have to go to a Publix store and get a sub. It'll be the best you've ever eaten. (Oh, and I just realized Florida is killing in Publix stores. We have approximately 735 stores. Next in line is Georgia with approximately 180 stores. I find this wildly entertaining)

I Love... my dog.

This is Dutch yesterday afternoon, after a much-needed bath. He looks so pitiful here. Dutch has been in my life since January of this year and I can't begin to express how quickly he wormed his way into my heart. In June of 2008, we lost our dog of 11 years to lymphoma and after a few months of grieving, I badly wanted a dog. I badly wanted a daschund. So how perfect was it that my great-aunt was willing to give him to me for free? He's a cuddle monster (which I love) and, quite plainly, one of the best things in my life right now. I love him to bits and pieces.

I Love... bubble baths

And to think just a few short years ago, I was making fun of my mother for taking bubble baths. Here's yet another example of how I'm turning into my mother. It started during my Final Internship From Hell where I dreamed of going home and taking a long, sinfully luxurious bubble bath. The moment your achy feet step into that hot, bubbly water is just heaven in a tub. So now my mom and I fight over who gets the bath first. And I can no longer make fun of her bubble baths.

I Love... taking a good picture.

I'm picky about my profile pictures. I don't want it to look too MySpace but then again, I want a head shot. So, whenever I'm having a good hair/make-up day, I'll whip out my camera and snap picture after picture, pose after pose. It's a sickness. Really, it is. But sometimes, I get really good pictures out of it. Like this one. I'm loving this picture right now.

I Love... football.

God, I love football. I've been catching a few preseason games here and there and it excites me like nothing else. I especially love Peyton Manning. I have an abnormal crush on him. Weird fact that I probably shouldn't mention: I cried when the Colts won the AFC championship. I'm actually not a Colts fan. I'm a Dolphins fan. But there's just something about Peyton. I'm so excited for this season to begin. It's been such a long off-season.
And...that was kinda fun. I'll have to do it again. You tell me...what are some of your loves?
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