Thursday, August 27, 2009

A love story only God could write

It's been a total of 5 years since I've been on a date. Seriously. No lie. Absolute truth.

Sometimes, I think there's something wrong with me. Come on...what normal girl doesn't have a dating life, even a sporadic one? If you can't find a guy at your work, church, or local bar...just hop on the good ol' WWW and find a guy online! I can't tell you how many times I've been tempted to join eHarmony.

It's especially hard when I see friends I've known since middle/high school getting married. I'm only 21! Should I be feeling the urge to marry so soon?

For the most part, I'm happy with my life and where I am. My life isn't perfect by far but it is mine and I have the power to change it. And I am working on changing the things in my life that I don't like.

And while there are many times I feel that there's something wrong with me, I know that I am doing things the right way. I'm not hooking up with guy after guy, trying to find Mr. Right. The amazing thing is, God knows who my Mr. Right is. He created him especially for me. He is preparing him for me and preparing me for him. Right now is not the right time for us to meet.

But we'll meet. And the love story that will follow will be the most amazing I've ever witnessed. It will be a love story God designed. The relationship will be based on God, not ourselves. And I'm so excited to meet this guy. He's going to have to be pretty special to put up with me. That's for sure.


  1. Hey Stephany... found you through your comment at Sticky Lipgloss. Just wanted to let you know that as an (also) relatively new blogger I feel your pain, and it'll come to you. The style or feel thing just kinda comes to you, I believe. Plus, I think a lot of people change up their pages to keep it fresh. I make changes to my sidebar stuff all the time, change the text and background color.. finding a fit.

    Anyway, keep at it... and slow down with the love life thing. You're young and have plenty of time :)

    Take care..

  2. Hey, thanks for the comment on my blog. Thought I'd wander over and check yours out. (P.S. Journalism student? Get out now while you still can!)

    I think relationships are supposed to happen when they're meant to happen. The pieces should just naturally fall together, so I truly believe that when Mr. Right is supposed to be in your life, he will be. For now, just be happy with singledom and enjoy life on your own.

    Also, it's easy to want marriage when you see everyone else getting married. Trust me, I'm right there with you (though I'm 24). But if I take a moment to think about it, I can easily realize I'm not quite ready for that commitment yet. I just want it because everyone else is diving in.

  3. I met my boyfriend on Yahoo Personals. I know it's not the most romantic way to meet but I thank God every day that I dared to do online dating, which I had major reservations about.

    You're only 21, though. You have PLENTY of time!!! Just get out there and have fun, as it seems you're already doing. I met my first husband when I was your age...and married him at 23, ended up divorced at 35. It's best to take your time and figure out who you are first; otherwise you end up dating in your 30s, which isn't pretty at all!

  4. @ Soloman - Thanks. I think I'm happy with the look and feel of this blog. It's a lot less cutesy than my previous blogs but I'm not really cutesy myself so... ;)

    @MinD: I totally agree with you! I know there's a reason I'm single and haven't had a date in forever! And someday that man will come wandering along for me. In due time.

    @Stephanie: I hope I didn't come off as meeting people online is terrible! It's not. Sometimes, that's a great way to meet people. But it's not for me. Just not yet. Congrats on finding someone, though! That's awesome!

  5. There's NOTHING at all wrong with you, girl! Dating, marriage, and even having babies happens for different people at different times. Whether now or later, your time is coming! Stay optimistic!

    I was never the type to always date or hook up with random guys. In fact, I barely dated throughout high school and the start of college. I started to wonder if I was doing the wrong things and if I'd missed my opportunity to meet the right guy for me. But then it happens... when you very least expect it. (How cliche, I know, but literally, I met my husband one random night. He just appeared into my life and never left!)

  6. @Samantha: Aww, thanks! I totally believe it's going to happen like that. Just randomly, out of the blue. Maybe that's just the hopeless romantic in me. :)

  7. I love your optimism and I agree with you. Take your time, you are SO young!

  8. Let dating happen. I'd go against joining online dating sites, because you will get mostly awkward, perverted neckbeards mass e-mailing you. You'll meet him in real life (church, malls, jobs, etc...)

    Just do something for me:

    If a guy starts flirting with you, and he seems generally nice and good-looking, give him a chance if he starts stammering in mid-flirt. ;)


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