Monday, October 19, 2009

I Love...

I think it's time for another I Love... Mondays. I did my first one in August and feel it was time for another one. I'll try to get better at doing these more often. Ideally, every Monday but sometimes life gets in the way of that!

I Love... running.
Actually, I don't. I like the idea of running. And when I see people running, it makes me want to become a runner even more. And those first 30 seconds? Easy as pie. Then the calves start hurting and my breath gets shorter and shorter. And once the stomach cramps start? Forget it. I'm done. But I really, really want to become a runner. I'm not sure I'll ever love it as much as my mom does but the idea of being a runner? Yeah. I love that.

I Love... the holiday season.

I bought my first ever pumpkin Saturday night. I am determined to carve an adorable little pumpkin face in it, eat some pumpkin seeds, and maybe even make some pumpkin bread! I've never done any of those and I'm really excited about it! Alas, I didn't go to a pumpkin patch to buy my pumpkin but I still get all gooey and excited seeing my pumpkin sitting on the counter. He's adorable!

As for the specific holidays, Thanksgiving is my absolute favorite. Lots of delicious food, somewhat interesting football games (I'm annoyed we have to sit through the Lions every. single. year.), and family time. I love when family comes down to visit, even though I always build it up so high in my head and am always disappointed. Still, it's fun and I love it! Soon, we'll be seeing Thanksgiving commercials on TV, followed by Christmas commercials! I can't wait!

I Love... soda.
Ugh. I love this delicious beverage so, so much. I'm thinking it's the carbonation that makes it so yummy but nothing else compares. Honestly, it's better than alcohol to me. I've tried alcohol and it's just plain nasty to me. Since alcoholism runs in my family, I think it's God's way of protecting me from this. Ha. But I really would much rather drink a Coke than a margarita. I'm having such a hard time getting off this stuff. But I really need to!

I Love... shoe shopping.

I've never been much of a shoe girl. Just a few pairs to get me through what few outfits I do have. But everytime I walk into Payless or down the shoe aisle in Target (struggling college student alert!), I really want to become a shoe girl. I found this adorable pair of flats at Target that I really desperately wanted to buy. But I was there only to buy a pair of flip-flops so that's what I did. (Yep...I live in Florida. I buy new flip-flops for the fall/winter.) But I'd really love to build up a shoe collection and start taking some pride in those adorable feet of mine!

I Love... being productive.The weekends are usually my homework days, although it usually takes a backseat to football on Sundays. And I'm usually such a lazybones on Saturday that I sleep in and then spend my day screwing around online. This Saturday, though? I got a whole lot done. A lot of reading and some assignments for school. It felt good.

Your turn: what do you love today?
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