Saturday, November 7, 2009

Blogging Through The Years: Pre-School

I promise, one day I'll be creative and original. I'll post about topics that come from myself first. But when I saw Ashley from Writing to Reach You posting about her childhood years, well, I had to jump in and join! I've been wanting to delve into my history and talk about my childhood for a while now but I never knew exactly how to start or deliver it.

And I love the way Ashley is doing it and I knew I had to start my own "Blogging Through the Years." She started with kindergarten but I'm going to start with preschool since I started "school" when I was 2 years old and I have a lot (albeit fuzzy) memories of my time in preschool. (And some of these memories do come from comments my mom has made over the years.)

  • All throughout preschool, I was the lucky kid whose mother worked where I went to school. It works for and against you. Whenever you need your mom, she's just a few minutes away. And yet you couldn't get away with much because your teacher had direct access and contact to your mom 24/7. In any event, you were the "cool kid" to have your mother work at your school in preschool. Most definitely.
  • My best friend throughout preschool was Lauren. I think we met when we were 3 and her mom would pick me and her up from preschool and we would go to her house or the beach or somewhere exciting! It was through her that I learned about "black beans and rice" which became my all-time favorite. I don't remember much about her house, only that it was big (I lived in an apartment) and had a huge, rarely-used boat that we liked to explore when we got older.
  • I had an awesome teacher when I was 3 named Ms. Kim. She was one of my favorites and my mom began noticing that I was always the line leader. So she asked my teacher why it was always me to which she replied, "I don't go in order for line leader. I go by who's good and Stephany is always good!" Yep...I was that child.
  • I was also a pretty manipulative friend. I wanted friend who were goody-two-shoes like me so one day my teacher overheard me telling my friend Lauren that if she didn't start "acting good," I wasn't going to be her friend anymore. Sure enough, she shaped up!
  • I really think my preschool did the most fun and engaging art projects. Or maybe it was because I was four and everything impressed me at that age. I would say my top three favorites were shaving cream (in which, all my teachers did was give us shaving cream to play with at the table but it was so much fun!), marble paintings, and making Easter eggs (also an easy project. One of my teachers would draw an oval and make a few lines on the egg and then I would color it any way I wanted to!). Yes. I think I was just easily impressed.
  • When I colored in preschool, I never had a specific crayon color in mind. But I saw that other kids did and so I pretended to be searching for that perfect color when coloring with other kids. Weird fact, I know.
  • Water days were definitely my favorite. It wasn't much, just a few sprinklers set out and us running around in them. But I had a blast and it was especially nice to eat a popsicle afterward. It's always the simple things that bring the biggest smiles to kids' faces. Really, it is.
  • We had pizza days at my school where they would order out. Usually, we were relegated to one slice, two if we were lucky. But one specific pizza day when I was four, I had about four slices of pizza. I kept going up for more and couldn't believe that Ms. Evie kept handing me slice after slice! It was definitely a sweet day in my life. (It's also quite surprising that I could eat that much pizza! I was four and definitely a bird eater!)
  • We had two four-year-old teachers: Ms. Darlene and Ms. Joan. My mom requested for Ms. Joan for my brother and Ms. Darlene for me. She said that I needed someone firm who wouldn't let me get away with stuff and that was Darlene. (And she caught a lot of flack from Ms. Joan for this!) I, for one, think this is hilarious!
  • When I was four, one of the kids in my school fell off a swing and broke her leg. So all of the four-year-olds had to convene in one classroom together while another teacher went to the hospital with her. During this time, me and a few other girls had the giggles and decided to pretend we had "boobies" by pinching our shirts in two particular places and poking them out. My mom was preeeeetty embarrassed by this. Ha!
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