Friday, November 6, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 1)

Stealing yet another idea from Roots and Rings (does this count as blog stalking? I've never stalked before and it's a little exciting). Seven Quick Takes Friday, hosted by I love the idea so I decided to do my own.

I'm not a fan of baseball. At all. I hate the "sport", in fact. It's a boring game that cannot even begin to measure up to football. And another reason I hate it? It interrupts TV programming. Wondering why you're seeing repeats of your favorite shows? Blame the World Series. Wondering why this Sunday night was not "Football Night?" Blame the World Series. And the Yankees won, I'm told. Whoop-de-freaking-doo.

On Sunday night, around 8 p.m., my phone decided to stop working. I didn't drop it in water or slam it on the ground in anger. It has been dropped, multiple times. Just four months old and I wasn't a very good caretaker to this beauty. So, on Monday, I skipped my afternoon class to go to the Sprint store. I was told my phone was dead. And they ordered me a new one. I lasted almost 72 hours without a cell phone. Honestly, I didn't think it was possible but I was successful. It felt weird, being cut off from the world.

It's pretty obvious that I'm part of a shallow journalism class. And I'm also shallow so I don't care much. About 75% of us want to work at magazines and want nothing to do with reporting. We are not newsy people. And it became obvious to my Beginning Reporting professor how shallow we were when she asked if any of us had voted in Tuesday's mayoral election. Only two people raised their hand. The oldest guy in our class (he has to be pushing seventy!) and a grad student who just became a citizen a month ago. And we knew next to nothing about the two candidates. (And, as it turns out, knowing the history about someone doesn't mean anything.)

We had a total of zero trick-or-treaters for Halloween. ZERO! We bought two bags of candy, filled up a big bowl, and even lighted our Jack-O-Lantern. Nada, zip, zilch. We do live in an apartment, so most kids go to "safe" neighborhoods. Whatever. We didn't even get a teenager dressed as a baby!

I was offered an internship! I don't know any details about it but it involves the lady I keep in close contact with at Mahaffey Theater. Fingers are crossed that it's paid (but I'm doubtful). In any event, it'll be an awesome opportunity and look great on my resume! I've been worrying about finding internships because while I wanted to intern at a magazine this summer, I can't because of summer classes. (I will graduate in December 2010!) I'm really happy about this, though! I meet with her on Wednesday afternoon to discuss the internship and other projects. Yay!

I had a test on Thursday that I studied a total of 15 minutes for. I think I did OK since it was mainly short answer and I just smoke those types of tests. I'm a good BS-er. And am I the only one who hates getting to class before a test and see everyone with bunches of flashcards, quizzing each other? I furiously try to listen in and catch some last-minute facts. And it always makes me even more nervous about the test. I hate that.

What was up with 30 Rock yesterday? I mean, it was good but did anyone else notice the weird product placement? " the Winter Olympics, this February on NBC." And then the same thing happened when Jack did a television meeting through Cisco. I've never noticed it so blatantly before. Has anyone else noticed this?
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