Thursday, November 12, 2009

Flab to Fab: I'm a Loser!

First week of Weight Watchers went really, really well. I did feel like I was on a diet but I never really felt deprived. I know I need to get serious and this time, it has to work because I want to be thin and healthy and fit. And I know the plan. I know what I need to do.

5 Good Things I Did This Week:
1. I drank a lot less soda this week. Also, I didn't drink any at work this week! I'm really happy about that since soda is my one vice that's going to be really hard to cut back on.
2. I stayed within my Points range and also didn't use all my Extra Points! (35 extra points given a week, tagged onto one's daily Point range) I usually use all of them, and then some!
3. During my Tuesday night class, we played a game. And games in college usually equal chocolate prizes. And yep, my teacher definitely brought in a bag full of Hershey chocolates, Reese's, Kit-Kat, and Almond Joy. The bag went by me 3 times and I only got a candy once! This, for me, is something to smile about since I usually forgot who I am and what I'm doing when I see chocolate.
4. I took the stairs at school this week! I even parked on the fourth level in the parking garage and still took the stairs! It made me huff and puff and feel really weak (and realize how out of shape I really am!) But I felt good about taking the stairs!
5. I tried to choose healthy snacks instead of the usual 100-calorie packs that never fill me up. Instead, I bought some Goldfish and Milano cookies which I think filled me up better and tasted better! I don't think I snacked too much on junk food this week, which is awesome!

5 Things I Want To Work On This Week:
1. Drink more water. I did good this week but not as much as I need to. I knew I'd have trouble drinking enough water but I'm doing better than I was! So that's a positive.
2. Exercise more. I only got in 1 good workout this week on Sunday. I'm shooting for 3 workouts this week but hoping for 5.
3. Eat a more filling lunch. Part of the reason I didn't exercise as much was because I was so hungry by the afternoon! I know I wasn't eating enough so I have a more filling lunch planned for next week!

So, I know each and every one of you is on the edge of your seats, wondering how much weight I lost this week. And I did really, really well. More than I've ever lost in a week.

3.2. pounds!

That's a lot for me! I'm super happy about it but who wouldn't be? Hence the title of this blog...I am a loser!
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