Friday, December 4, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 3)

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I got a little taste of What-Life-Would-Be-Like-If-Stephany-Didn't-Have-To-Work-And-Just-Attended-School. It was divine. I slept in until 10:30 and layed in bed, finishing up a novel. Then I slowwwwly got ready for class, ate lunch leisurely at home, and headed off to school at 1:30pm. I went to class, came home, and worked on homework before I had to be online for my last online class. I realized how more relaxing my life would be without work.

Then I realized how sad my bank account would look, compared to now. (Not that it doesn't look sad now. It would look even more sad. If that's possible.)

I'm on Good Reads now and you should be, too. I joined a few months ago but haven't used it until this past weekend. It's actually very cool. I've been trying to add some reviews of books but it's hard. I don't know whether to talk about the writing itself or the story, without giving too much away. I've been doing a little bit of both and I think my reviews are pretty terrible. Anyway, add me as a friend if you're on there, too, or join! (Plus, I only have 2 friends which is pretty sad.)

I didn't go to Weight Watchers this week. After Thanksgiving dinner, I just went completely off track. I've stopped counting points, stopped exercising, and I can't even see the Weight Watchers wagon anymore. But I will get back on track because I would love to be in the 130's by the time January hits. It's a big goal but I just have to get super serious. I will be back to WW next Wednesday. No worries! (And no, I haven't weighed myself. I'm way too scared.)

I was so, so, so happy that the New Orleans Saints beat the Stupid Patriots on Monday night. Alas, I don't have cable so I couldn't watch the game. (Plus, my alarm went off at 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning so I was not going to go out to watch it.) I am so over the Patriots and the media's love affair with them. I now call the team the New England Brady's...because it seems like Tom Brady is the entire team. Nobody else matters but him. It's so annoying. News flash: Brady is not playing good this season. He's still hurting from last year. And, hopefully, he'll never play as good as he did before. (I'm a Miami Dolphins fan. We wish bad things upon the Patriots every season.)

As of Thursday at 3:15 p.m., my classes for this session are over! The only final I have is a take-home so I don't have to be on campus at all until January! (Except to turn in my books.) As excited as I was to start this semester, it's been a disappointment and so filled with stress. I can't wait to have a break and actually take classes I like next semester, such as News Editing and Magazine Design and Production.

Mom and I bought our Christmas tree last night. We went to a family-owned place, not a Lowes or Target. The place we went to is so reasonably priced and they were so nice! (Reasonably priced: they sell their small trees for $10. Publix sells the same size trees for $25. What a flipping rip-off!) We had an awful time setting up our tree last year. We worked all night, trying to screw it in to no avail. Mom and I got into a screaming match and then we went to Steak N Shake for a 2,500-calorie meal. Each. We finally had to call my brother the next morning and he had to get his power tools to screw it in. Alas, something was "screwy" with the screws. (Ha?) This year? The workers actually started the stand for us, screwing it all in. We brought it home and got the tree in the stand within 10 minutes. No blood, sweat, or tears here! It also helped that we promised not to get frustrated easily and sang Christmas songs as we were screwing it in.

Did I mention classes are OVER for this semester? This means, for the next four weeks, I get to go to work, come home, and RELAX! This also means I have no excuse to not exercise so I'm making it my goal to exercise every day. I'm shooting for 3 days of running, 2 days of strength-training, and 2 days of low-impact walking. I can't say I'm excited about it but since I want to be thin and fit...I've got to adopt a thin and fit lifestyle!
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