Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Goals for December

I've been seeing a lot of goals and monthly recap posts floating around the blogosphere. Goals are good to have, good to set, and good to accomplish. I thought, why not? Let me make some goals for December!

This December, I will...

Start running again. After running/walking the 10K, it reaffirmed the fact that I don't really hate to run. I actually enjoy it once I hit my second wind. And it was really fun being around other runners, even seeing people bigger than me running! It really doesn't matter what size you are, everyone can run! (Provided the doctor OK's it, you know...) My mom and I are going to try to do a 10K every other month so I'll be searching for a 10K to do in January/February. And it's an easy way to lose weight!

Stick to the program and lose more weight. In December 2007, I was doing Weight Watchers and made a goal of losing 5 pounds before Christmas hit. And I did manage to lose that amount. But then things hit a downward spiral and the rest is history. I have weigh-in tomorrow, which I'm very nervous about as I totally went off the program for Thanksgiving (and the week after...). But I enjoyed it and was willing to pay for a gain on the scale. My goal is still to lose 5 pounds in the month of December. It's a lot to ask but I think if I buckle down and get serious, I can do it. I did it before.

Start writing again! As everyone knows, I failed NaNoWriMo miserably. But I think I forgot how crazy November is for a college student. This is my last week of classes before finals start. Life has been so crazy with papers and tests and presentations. Basically, I have an entire month off from school. And I want to use my free time to really get to work on writing. The story I was thinking about writing for NaNoWriMo needs a lot of character development and I realized I'm a girl who needs firm outlines to write. I can't just sit down and write what comes to mind...I need to plot it out on paper first. My goal is to get the character development and a semblance of an outline written before December's end. It would be awesome if I could actually get a story going, as well!

Finish my 101 in 1001 days. I'm only up to #50 on this list and I'm having a hard time figuring out 50 (50!) more things I want to accomplish. I've even been scrounging around other people's lists to steal some of their ideas. But I definitely want to finish it to start in 2010.

Start a strength-training program. Lately, I haven't been exercising much. When I do exercise, it's always cardio. I have been doing my Biggest Loser DVD on Sunday mornings which gives me the best workout of the week. It's so intense! But I'd really like to establish my own routine. I have an exercise ball and I have weights. And Shape magazine gives tons and tons and tons of strength-training exercises. Some of them use equipment that I don't have but for the most part, I can do the exercises with no problem. Because I want Kelly Ripa arms, fo' sho.

What goals do you have for December?
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