Friday, December 11, 2009

7 Quick Takes Friday (Vol. 4)

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Well, I am completely (COMPLETELY!) done with classes for this semester. I think I did good in my classes but I won't be sure until next week. I am so excited to have everything finished and I'm so ready for a break! I sold back my books on Tuesday and made $39! I was shooting for $50 but anything is good. (Side note: I worked for my school bookstore in 2006 and I remember how rude and ungrateful people could be when selling back their books. Be happy with any money you get - we could refuse to buy any books back! 'Kay?)

In reality TV news: I was super happy Megan and Cheyne won The Amazing Race. They were such a strong and awesome couple, even if they did look like brother and sister. And they didn't yell/scream/fight with each other. Although I know if I was on that race, I would be one of those people I hate. I don't do well under pressure.

With Biggest Loser, I was happy. All three final contestants looked fantastic but I seriously think Antoine stole the show. Not only with his proposal, but also with how HOT he looked! He almost made me cry with his good looks. Also, Rebecca annoyed me with her ugly hair, too-skinny body, horrific dressing, constant touching of Daniel, and weird hugs. I liked her on the show, was a little annoyed with her on Jay Leno, and completely didn't like her on the finale. She seems to have gained a little too much self-esteem, bordering on egotistical.

In other school news, my university approved my internship for next semester! I'm really excited about it because it's not an internship I ever thought of taking and more about marketing and media than writing. But I think it's going to be an amazing opportunity and challenge me in ways I've never been challenged. And I'm really excited this will take care of my internship credit and clear up my last semester to finish up required classes. It's going to be a very, very busy semester for me, though.

I made a bad decision this week. I know most of you won't approve. I don't feel good about it but then again, I do. I feel good in a guilty way, I guess. After the Thanksgiving holidays, I've had such a hard time getting back on track. It's been a struggle so I've decided to wait until January to start back fresh. Yes, it's taking the easy way out. And it's going to be hard with my new schedule to adjust but I have to. I have to get serious but this is the hardest thing I've ever done. Ever.

Tonight is my work's Christmas party. I'm actually really excited about it. I bought a really cute shirt and I'm still deciding whether to wear them with jeans or dress pants. I think the dress pants will look better. I'm not planning on drinking too much, mainly because I'm not a big fan of alcohol. But I am planning on eating a lot.

"Do the dance to get the hug." My pastor spoke on this this past Sunday. He talked about how we have to "perform" for some people to receive their approval. The examples he was giving us totally reminded me of my father. My mom? Not so much. It feels so great to know I don't have to do anything to receive a hug, or love, from my mom. Just being me is enough.

And it's the same with God! There is nothing we can do to make Him love us more - or love us less. Isn't that just amazing? He also talked about becoming closer to God. There are tons and tons of books about becoming closer to God. But honestly? Believing in His death and resurrection, believing in Him, is as close as we will get to God. We don't have to do anything to get closer to God. I do believe we can know God better, though.

I've gotten a lot of Christmas shopping done this week. It's really nice to have money to spend this year! Last year, I wasn't working and had about $20 on 3 credit cards. I had to spread myself very thin. (And since I'm not crafty at all, making homemade gifts is not in the cards.) And who doesn't love buying Christmas presents? I know I do.
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