Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Ten on Tuesday (vol. 5)

This week's Ten on Tuesday came from yours truly. That's right - I thought of these questions. So you should totally give me your answers on your own blog or in the comments - because I wanna know!

1. What was the last concert you’ve been to?
The last one was probably the Luis Palau Festival in March 2007. It was an all-day festival, mainly for kids, and then at night Barlowgirl, Kirk Franklin, and my future husband, Chris Tomlin performed. I've never been a big fan of Barlowgirl (although I do like their new stuff) so I was eh after their performance. Kirk Franklin was simply amazing. I rocked out with him (in my weird, white-girl way) even with a pounding headache. And then Chris closed out the night perfectly. It was my first time seeing him in person -- and I forgot to charge my camera that night! You don't know how upset I was about that, even if the picture quality would've been awful. Still, it was a night to remember.

2. Is it easy to make you cry?
It depends on my mood. Usually, it's very hard. I'm not a crier. The first time I watched A Walk to Remember, I didn't shed a single tear. But when I'm talking about things that I'm passionate about or hurt me deeply, I'm a big time crier. But, for the most part, no. I don't cry much.

3. Do you ever feel like people underestimate you?
It's more like people overestimate me! I get so much support from my family members and I never feel like I have anything to prove to them. They believe in me 100%. The only person who ever did underestimate me would have been my dad. Whenever I told him something I hoped or dreamed, he would laugh in my face.

4. Name 7 completely random things that you like:
(Who came up with THIS question? Geez.)

Oreo cookies, because I love taking it apart and licking the icing off one side.
The Office, which is by far one of the best TV shows ever made. By far.
New Orleans Saints, who beat the Patriots last night. I hate the Patriots, because they're in my division. (AFC East) And I hate them even more because the media is so in love with them.
Elastics, which immediately ease my stress. Seriously, pulling my hair up in a ponytail makes me feel better.
Christmas. Well, I love Christmas but oh well. Plus, Mom and I are going out to buy our Christmas tree and decorate for the holidays on Thursday! I can't wait!
Showers, which wake me up in the morning and just make me feel a whole lot better.
Electricity. It makes life a whole lot simpler. 'Nuff said.

5. What’s your favorite reality TV show and why?
So You Think You Can Dance? by far. I love the dancing aspect, the amazing routines, the funny people, and the reality. I love eviction reality shows. The dancers just get better and better and the routines this year are just out of this world.

I could do without Nigel, though. And Mary's screaming.

6. What is your favorite hair care product?
Probably my hair straightener! I've been switching out shampoo/conditioner for a while now, depending on the day. I either use Dove, Herbel Essences, or Sunsilk. But my straightener is a thing of beauty. No, it's not a Chi, but actually a Revlon product that was $22. And it does amazing things to my hair! I'm totally in love with it.

7. What’s your favorite song at the moment?
Right now, I've been digging a new song by Francesca Battistelli called, "You're Here." I don't know if she came out with an album yet or just some singles but it's a gorgeous song. It's like Mary talking to baby Jesus and it's so touching. And my radio station has been overplaying it, which I love right now. In a few weeks, I'll be over it but right now, definitely my favorite.

8. What’s the number one thing on your Christmas wishlist?
An iPod Touch or the latest version of Photoshop. I have an iPod shuffle right now that only holds 137 songs. I've had to really just put songs that pump me up when I'm working out so a lot of my songs aren't on my iPod, which kinda sucks.

And Photoshop would be very, very helpful for my Magazine Design and Production class next semester, where I have to design a 20-page magazine. Somehow, I don't think Microsoft Paint is going to cut it.

9. Have you ever lost your cell phone?
I put this question in for me since yes, I did recently lose my cell phone. About two weeks ago, on a Tuesday. On Tuesdays, I have a 2pm class and then a 6pm class so I just stay on campus and work on homework catch up on blogs. I had gone to the bathroom around 4ish and around 5ish, I realized that I had no idea where my phone was. I frantically checked my bag and the area where I was sitting. I lifted couch cushions, got on my hands and knees to look under the couch. Nothing. I checked the bathroom, the common area, and even upstairs. Ab-so-lute-ly nothing. I've been to the lost and found four times and nobody has returned a phone. Jerks.

And since our cell phone bill was past due, we have to wait until we're all paid up to get a new phone. (I should also mention we don't have insurance. Six years of service and we've never needed it.) So now whoever has the car uses the cell phone, which is mainly me.

And let me tell you: it sucks having only one phone between two people. Try it sometime. We've done this for over 2 weeks now.

10. Did you attack the hordes of shoppers for Black Friday?
No, I didn't. I was sleeping in my extremely comfortable bed, with my adorable mini-daschund cuddled up to me. We slept until eleven and it was divine. I don't care about sales that much.
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