Friday, January 29, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday (vol. 6)

One. When I wrote my list on Friday, Chelsea mentioned "Seven Quick Takes Friday," which is something I've done before but haven't in the past few weeks. Honestly, I forgot about this little weekly feature! So it's back! For good!

Two. I went, reluctantly, to my newspaper meeting on Monday. I was still bummed about my freelance status and could not, for the life of me, think about topics to write about. (Well, I could...until I realized those topics were more blog-related, than newspaper-related.) But I went to the meeting because I knew I had to. And grabbed a weekly feature! One of the staffers suggested doing a Professor Profile and when the editor asked who wanted to do it, I raised my hand. Yes, little ole me. I've been super-duper quiet in the meetings but this was my chance and I took it. Sure, it's not much but it's much more than I expected, and something I'm excited about doing!

Three. Can I just say how much the red team on The Biggest Loser annoys me? I can't tell you how many times I wanted to slap Melissa across the face during Tuesdays episode. And her comment to Alison was so petty and unneeded. I mean, the green team annoys me, too, with their emotional disconnectedness but Melissa is someone I can't wait to see go home.

Four. My grandma had her surgery to remove the tumor in her lung on Wednesday. I didn't find out until 2pm that the surgery went well. I was so nerve-wracked all day! Luckily, the doctor only had to remove a wedge from her lung (instead of a whole lobe). So we are blessed! Mom and I went to visit her that night and she was looking great. I took a picture but she might murder me in my sleep if I showed it on this blog. Seriously. Yesterday was a rough day for her and she was super, super, super nauseous all day, which is always worse than throwing up. I'm not a big fan of throwing up, but at least you get the tummy ache over with! But she's still doing good and I'm happy with how well the surgery went.

Five. I feel like my phone phobia might be cured soon, due to my internship. On Thursday, I had to call over 20 businesses for a promotional item. It was nerve-wracking, especially since I'm in a cubicle and the entire office seemed so quiet when I was calling so I felt like everyone was listening in on the new intern, making phone calls. Which they weren't because they were busy enough with their own work! But I did it and it was actually kind of fun! I liked interacting with some of the people and I lost a lot of my nervousness as I got more into the phone calls.

Six. There is only one good thing about my Communications Law class is that almost everyone else in the class is as lost as me. We have to write a term paper on a First Amendment media issue/case/personality. Coming up with a topic was so flippin' hard but I have no idea how to write it. We had to give him an outline of what we want to write and include 10 sources. (TEN!) I struggled with it a lot...but so did everyone else! I'm just hoping to get lots and lots of good pointers to figure out how to even begin this paper.

Seven. As many of you have noticed (and liked!), I changed my blog layout. I was getting sick of the old one and I now have pages! I'm working on a blogroll but it's a lot of work! I do have a question for all you web-savvy people. I want to put up some social media buttons (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, RSS Feed, GMail, etc.) but I'm not sure how I can do it and make them line up nicely in one row. (I'm anal like that.) Anyone willing to help a blogger out? I will love you forever and ever and ever and ever.
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