Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Monthly Goals (Vol. 3)

I can't believe January is already over. The first month of 2010 and I don't feel any different now than I did in 2009. Where is the New Stephany? While I did manage to take a few risks and leaps of faith, I didn't take as much advantage of this month as I should have. Oh, well. January is always a weird month, anyway.

Let's recap my goals for January:
1. Complete or start at least 3 items on my 101 in 1,001 list. Completed. I managed to mark 2 items off my list (get 20 comments on a blog post; buy a designer purse) and I'm currently working on 3 goals (floss every day for a month, consistently use facial cleanser/moisturizer for a month, and do a media internship). It's really fun to have this list of things I want to complete.
2. Make one new meal a week. Semi-completed. Mom and I only managed to do this twice this month. The past two weeks have been hectic and crazy and we didn't even grocery shop properly. But the two meals we did make were so yummy, they'll definitely be added to our shockingly small list of go-to meals.
3. Start running, using the Couch-to-5K plan. Completed! I was using this program pretty consistently but have ditched it to just run myself. I'm trying to run as far as I can and then push myself just a little farther. I have a 5K coming up on March 21st. I don't know if I'll be in 5K shape by then but I'm still going to attempt it, even if I'm not. And I am determined to love running. I loathe it right now.
4. Start paying at least $50 to Credit Card #1 and Credit Card #2, as well as paying something to Credit Card #3. Semi-completed. I did pay $50 to the first two credit cards but haven't paid anything to Credit Card #3. I'm hoping to give a large chunk of my tax return to this credit card and hopefully get my minimum payment down to a manageable number, pay it off, and get rid of it! You don't know how good it will feel to have that monkey off my back. I'll probably have a bonfire for that card.
5. Establish a time of the day to have quiet time with God. I didn't complete this one at all. Twice this month, I tried. I set aside a time, got out my Bible, Beth Moore study, notebook, and pen. And while I started my Beth Moore study, everything would come to a complete standstill when I tried to pray to God. I mean, I've sent Him a few "God, please heal my grandma," but I've never really sat down and prayed in a long, long time. Prayer has always been something I've struggled with but it's been so hard lately. I don't know what's going on but I think a lot of it stems from my father issues and thinking I've disappointed God.

I'm really hoping February will be a brand-new month for me to really achieve my goals. I need to type them out to keep them with me during the month, since my list of goals just seems to get tucked away in this blog and sometimes, I don't even remember what my goals were!

My goals for February:
1. Eliminate fast food from my diet. Ever since my mom started Weight Watchers, we haven't eaten too much fast food. I haven't had Wendy's or Burger King in probably a year. I do eat a lot of Chick-Fil-A. (Those waffle fries and chicken nuggets are a weakness for me!) But I really want to completely eliminate fast food from my life because it's just crap. I am making two exceptions to this rule: Subway (c'mon, it's not fast food! Plus, it's hugely endorsed by Bob & Jillian!) and the Chargrilled Chicken Garden Salad from Chick-Fil-A (with light Italian dressing, it's about 200 calories total!).

2. Accomplish 3 more goals on my list. I want to completely knock off three more items on my list. I'm working on 2 goals so I can hopefully mark those ones off and I'll be working on a couple more this month.

3. Do lots of trainings for work. I'm way behind on my trainings. I work at a preschool and we have to have 40 hours of training a year, or else we lose our job. And I'm currently sitting at 7 hours. So, I really need to get to work on them. Luckily, I can do most of them online so I have no excuse not to just get down to work and finish them. By the end of February, I want to have done 20 more hours.

4. Get involved in 20SB daily. I've been so out of the loop of everything 20SB this month. I've been on, maybe, two or three times all of January. I participated in one discussion. I feel bad because I would really love to be more involved in this community but I just haven't had the time lately. I want to start making time because I do feel like it's important. And it's the place I met so many of my lovely blog friends!

5. Set aside time to have quiet time with God. I really, really, really want to accomplish this goal this month. If it's the only goal I accomplish, it's this one. I am desperate to get back into my relationship with God. I want to stop playing around and study the Bible, pray to God, and draw closer to Him.

How about you? Do you have any goals for February?

P.S. Another new blog post on Blogging to Lose. I gave a 30-minute playlist with commentary. I'd love to hear what you think!
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