Sunday, March 28, 2010

Confessions… {Part 1}

I know. I said I was going to stop with the meme’s and weekly features. But I thought of this idea last week and thought it was fun so I’m trying it out. There are just some things you don’t know about me…

I’ve never eaten frozen yogurt in my life.

And I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to. When I think of desserts I want (especially cold ones), ice cream fills every spot in my mind. To me, yogurt is not dessert. It’s a necessary evil. And really, the only place I’ve been that serves frozen yogurt around here is Dairy Queen. So then it’s a choice: a delicious Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups Blizzard or a cup of froyo? OK. It’s never been a choice because froyo has never crossed my mind. But I’m determined to try it someday!

I’m a Florida girl at heart, yet I hate the beach.

I have never liked the beach. I mean, it takes so much to prepare to go. And then you need quarters. And then you have to find the perfect spot, away from the people who come just to drink and away from the ones who bring their eight children and friends. And then you have to set everything up and it’s always windy so it takes forever. And then you venture out into the surf, but it’s either too cold or you get a mouthful of salt water within 3 minutes. And then you get sand everywhere when you come back. And then you can’t read your book because the sun shines on it too brightly. And then you try to eat your sandwich or chips or whatever you bring and a whole tribe of birds (yes, I know it’s the wrong term!) comes flying in. (Once, I even saw a bird steal an entire half-sub from a guy’s hands. The whole thing!) And then you finally decide you’re done for the day so you pack everything up, wash the sand off, get into the car and get sand everywhere, get home, and realize you’re completely sunburnt.

Or…you can throw on a bathing suit, grab a book and your flip-flops and walk over to the pool – which is 2 minutes away. You can relax, swim a little in perfect-temperature water, and get a little sun. Ah, I love the pool.

I don’t love the beach.

I tried reading a novel by Jane Austen, but I got bored.

You can pick your jaws up off the ground now. I’m sorry. I tried. I really, really tried. But I just couldn’t get into her. I’m so used to my fluffy, nonsense chick-lit and romance novels and it her books are not light, fluffy reads! I have to really think when I read her books and right now, I just want some books to read when I’m taking a break from schoolwork where I don’t have to think. I can just read them and laugh at the corniness of it.

I do have a goal to read all of her books so I’m going to try to read them again. Right now, it’s just too hard.

Sometimes, I cry a little when I read articles in SHAPE magazine.

Some of the articles are really inspiring! But I usually only read SHAPE when I’m at the gym, since it motivates me to keep trodding on. So it’s a little weird to choke back the tears while on the elliptical. It’s usually the weight-loss articles that get to me, because I can totally commiserate with these people. I totally know what it’s like to struggle and to find people who manage to make it to their goal weight is awesome. Also, those mother-daughter stories and cancer-survival stories choke me up as well.

When I was little, I couldn’t wait to be a grown-up with my own place so I could leave a roll of cookie dough in the fridge to eat at my heart’s desire.

And even though Travis recently talked to me about how a certain type of E. Coli can lead to kidney failure and neurological damage, I still love that stuff. I know it’s bad for you so don’t leave me hate comments about it. But it is so gosh-darn good! (And yes, I still have this fantasy.)

What are some confessions you have? And did any of my confessions surprise you?


  1. If you EVER get the chance to go to Yogurt Mountain, please don't pass it up! It is frozen yogurt, but holy smokes--it's DELICIOUS. You fix your flavor of choice (mine's always chocolate) and then hop on over to the fixings "buffet"...fudge, fresh fruit, any crushed up candy you can imagine, caramel, etc. I thought I had died and gone to heaven the first time I went there!

  2. There are a lot of foods I hate that I've never tried, but, seriously, frozen yogurt tastes nothing like yogurt. It tastes like ice cream! You know I wouldn't lie to you!

    I couldn't get into Jane Austen when I first tried, but now I love her.

  3. Oh man I love cookie dough too! And you've got to try the healthy frozen yogurt they have now! Like Pinkberry in LA or Swirll here in Houston. I get the strawberry kiwi flavor and top it with..what else? Strawberries and Kiwis! So delicious! And good for you!

  4. I know what you mean about the beach! I've grown to love the beach, but it's still a trial hiding my snacks from the seagulls. Last time I went, they stole my cookies while I was swimming : )

  5. LOL I'm with you on the Jane Austen thing,the frozen Yogurt and the cookie dough. But gotta have my once a year beaches! :)

  6. "When I was little, I couldn’t wait to be a grown-up with my own place so I could leave a roll of cookie dough in the fridge to eat at my heart’s desire."

    ROTFL!! Are you like, seriously my long lost twin? I related with all of these. Scary....

  7. I don't like Jane Austen either. I don't see the appeal.

  8. Skip Swiger3/29/10, 6:51 AM

    A roll of cookie dough.... What a rookie. At SAMs club they have a huge bowl!!! My wife hates it when I do that. :)

  9. The only way I'd read a Jane Austen novel is to read the Pride & Prejudice infused with zombies. And then I'd probably just skip ahead to the zombie parts.

    Yesterday I cried at America's Next Top Model, so don't even worry about crying at SHAPE articles. I can assure you crying at ANTM is much more embarrassing.

  10. Froyo isn't that bad. TCBY is yummy and that's the only ice cream they used to serve at the local college basketball games. OH if only for a roll of cookie dough...there's a lot of things I said, when I grow up...but, they nevered happened because I quickly realized it just all goes to your hips or drains your pocket book!

  11. haha i love this.

    jane austen just pullllsss on my heart. I try to force her down austen neophytes' throats all the time.

    i have to second stacy says on froyo. we have swirll in austin too and it's my favorite of all the yogurt places. pinkberry and red mango are pretty tasty in LA and NYC.

  12. i love this! Love reading about people's quirks.

    I love Austen. Find her very very romantic minus the trashy sex.

    And I second what Stacy Says about froyo. We have Swirll in Austin too and Red Mango & Pink Berry in NYC delicious. My favorite topping is fruitty pebbles and chocolate. so not as healthy as Stacy

  13. I've never had frozen yoghurt as well. But that's because it's not that common in Germany, I don't think you can get it anywhere here. That makes me incredibly sad because I am dying to try some frozen yoghurt! It sounds so delicious!

    Try reading Jane Austen novels again. I didn't like them either when I started reading my first one, but now I love them!

  14. I never really got into Jane Austen, either. I mainly only read her for school assignments, never as a leisurely read.

    I love the beach, but I'm with you on the sand and sunburn part - I hate dealing with sand everywhere and realizing I'm sunburnt when I get home and take a shower. Booo.

  15. Who hates the beach!? Crazy!!!!

    When my ex and I were in college, and he lived alone, we'd buy one of those small barrels of cookie dough and leave it in the fridge. Mmmm. It was awesome.

  16. Frozen yogurt doesn't taste like yogurt at all, its so much better. Its basically awesome. I'm not a fan of reading many of the classic authors. And raw cookie dough, sometimes I make cookies specifically for the fact that I can eat the raw cookie dough.

  17. I can so relate to most of this!

    Frozen yogurt - I love it. However, my favorite place is in Hollywood called Cantaloop and allows you to make your own. Basically, you dispense the yogurt and then add your own toppings. I always went for fruit, but my fiance always got the candy bars like butterfinger, reeses, etc. Delicious either way!

    I can't get into Jane Austen books either and cookie dough will always have a place in my heart.

  18. No, can't stand Austen either.

    Why do you need quarters to go to the beach?

    (I really like the beach. I just hate sand. It would be perfect if we were all somehow impervious to sand, so it wouldn't get all over the car and in our clothes.)

  19. Cookie dough is deadly stuff! So addicting. Sorry about the lack of commenting. I've not been myself the last week, but I'll be commenting soon!

  20. Golly...the cookie dough is the biggest one. I just love it so much:D
    But I don't put it in the fridge for whenever--my favorite go-to is Trader Joe's chocolate-covered-coffee-beans. :d They are the perfect mix of coffee and chocolate. And it's good quality chocolate, and the coffee beans you can tell are excellent. The ones from Wallyworld pale horribly in comparison. ;)

  21. Cookie dough is deadly stuff! So addicting. Sorry about the lack of commenting. I've not been myself the last week, but I'll be commenting soon!

  22. Skip Swiger4/27/11, 8:44 PM

    A roll of cookie dough.... What a rookie. At SAMs club they have a huge bowl!!! My wife hates it when I do that. :)


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