Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thursday Tidbits

  • Can I just say how amazing the comments on yesterday's post were? I was so nervous about the response I would receive, but every single comment made me smile - and some even made me tear up a little! I love you guys.

  • I still have a week to go before my next hair appointment and my hair is driving me crazy! While it's still maintaining a semblance of blonde (thankfully, my natural color is closer to blonde than brown!), the length is driving me nuts. It's hitting about half an inch above my shoulders which makes it flip out. I'm definitely going to have to keep my appointments 7-8 weeks apart.

  • Every time I hear about someone working on a freelance article, my heart sinks. A big part of me really wants to start trying to score some work this way, but a bigger part is too nervous about failing.

  • My ankle is pretty much completely healed. It's still a little tender after work and standing on it all day, but I can run on it with no problem! This makes me so happy!

  • Speaking of running, is it weird that I find motivation in how I'm going to tweet about my run? Sometimes, it keeps me running if I tell myself, "Think about what an awesome Twitter status you could write!" (OK, don't answer that. It's definitely on the crazy side.)

  • I've been sick all week, which has really messed with my healthy eating/exercise. I only managed to get in 2 runs on Saturday and Sunday, but have been way too exhausted during the week to do more than work, come home, take a long nap, and sit on the couch. Plus, being sick likes me makes me super hungry and feel nauseous when I don't eat. It hasn't been good.

  • I've been looking around at where to buy my domain and I found that you can do it through Wordpress, which costs $5 more than if you were to buy it from a place like GoDaddy and use Wordpress. Is this the best option, or should I still use GoDaddy? This domain buying stuff is very confusing!

  • After reading BlogHer tweets/recaps from the past two years, I'm making it a priority to get to BlogHer '11 in San Diego. I just need a roommate and someone who's not afraid to be tied to a socially awkward girl who finds it hard to talk to people in big groups. (Oh, I know. I sound like a CATCH!)


  1. Just do it! Trust me. I still can't stand my own work. I can't read it once I sent it off, convinced it's rubbish. (Read Woman on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown. She was a journalist for the Observer for years, and felt the same way about her own writing).

    I don't write for a living, but I am paid to write, which rocks.

    Isn't it funny how blogging and Twitter can help keep you accountable?

    I've been reading BlogHer recaps too - it sounds AMAZING. Wish I was in the States. (I'd be that roommate...except it probably wouldn't be a great idea to have two introverted, awkward girls paired up :P)

  2. Gotta love the bullet points. I think you should shave your hair off. WHY NOT?

  3. whatever keeps you accountable! if twitter works that is good :)

  4. Whenever I run, I'm always thinking about what I'm going to post on Daily also helps to make the run go faster! Keep it up!

  5. But you are a catch! And I'm the same way—a bit shy/socially awkward, and doesn't like to talk in big groups. I wish I had the opportunity to go to BlogHer.

    I didn't get to comment on yesterday's post, but I read it. And you're amazing—I'm glad you're so content and focused on choosing your own path.

  6. I just recently tossed my hat into the freelance ring. Its a totally different style of writing and its hard to sometimes get feedback on your work, but its also a way to earn some more $$ doing something I enjoy -- researching and writing. Go for it!

  7. Um... Steph I would maybe be into going to BlogHer next year. You're right, I was reading all the recaps and wishing I'd gone but being scared at the same time.

    And the freelance thing, I'm totally with you on it.

  8. I really want to go to Blogher '11 too!!! And Healthy Living Summit '11. Oh, if only money were unlimited!

    Email me if you want advice r.e. freelancing. I've been doing writing for Demand Studios and I get $15 an article. It's pretty easy and fun. The writing is a different style - but you'll be used to that since you're in J-school!

  9. I just emailed you about GoDaddy. OH, and I'd love to go to BlogHer in San Diego. If you're interested, we could room up since I'm new and haven't met any bloggers yet but am dying to!

  10. I totally do the same thing, contemplating awesome tweets/foursquare updates when I'm working out!!!

    And, uh, I don't have much interest in BlogHer, but I DO have interest in YOU BEING IN CALIFORNIA. So, when you do come for that, I will do everything in my power to be in San Diego to see you. :)

  11. I really have no clue about the domain thing, either. I'd love to have my own one day, though. I'll have to let me know what you find out!

    Glad to hear that your ankle is feeling better!

  12. I'm the same way with the idea of freelancing - that, and it seems to intimidating to get involved in. Every time I start looking I get totally overwhelmed!

    If I weren't completely afraid of flying, I would totally join you at BlogHer '11 and be shy/awkward with you!


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