Friday, December 10, 2010

Blogger Book Swap

bookswapOnce upon a time, Chelsea introduced the idea of a blogger book swap. She had a ton of people sign up and they sent her their books. She sent off the books to the participants…and then she got overwhelmed. I’ve been thinking about starting up my own book swap, just because I love the idea of it. In fact, I was thinking about it more and more this week and lo and behold, Alyssa posted about it yesterday!

So we’ve been e-mailing and she let me join her bandwagon to make this book swap happen! Basically, we’ll both be handling this book swap and are still trying to figure all the logistics of it!

Here are the (tentative) rules:

  • The Blogger Book Swap entails you getting a book another blogger thinks is pretty fantastic (or pretty horrible, either way) to read and then review on your blog.
  • Currently, we’re debating between having book swap participants mail us their books or setting people up with where to send their book, saving time and money. Our qualm about the latter is if we set someone up and they don’t send the book. What do you guys think?
  • Books need to be mailed out by January 5th.
  • Anything goes! Fluffy chick lit, murder mysteries, celebrity tell-alls, trashy romance novels, historicals, non-fiction…whatever you want!
  • Leave a comment with your e-mail if you want to participate! We hope to get it all figured out by this weekend.

I hope you join in! It’s sure to be an exciting, fun time and who doesn’t like getting a free book to read?

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  1. I'm in. cece_mimi53 at yahoo dot com.

  2. Dude - this is awesome! I'm definitely in! I've done swaps before (but not with books) and the organizers made a master list of people participating and then paired them up and we sent each other the stuff. That way you don't have to do all the work. You just have to get a guarantee that people will participate, but otherwise it seemed to work well. Oooh I can't wait!

  3. I'm totally in! emilyjane[at]live[dot]ca

  4. Sounds great! Maybe you could set it up so people are responsible for getting their own book. Then some people could check their local library for those that don't want to spend money. Just a thought.

  5. I am totally in!

  6. I'm in! suburbansweetheart(at)gmail(dot)com.

  7. I'm in! ThreeYearsDown[at]Gmail[dot]com

  8. I'm in a need a new book read. msmandasmadness at gmail dot com.

  9. I love to read count me in

  10. I would totally participate but I'm going to be so busy traveling over the holidays and away from home that I don't think I can make it work! but good luck! I did one a few months ago and it was so fun :)


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