Friday, December 3, 2010

Points Plus


I haven’t mentioned it on this blog, but in October, I went back to Weight Watchers. My mom and I made a pact to weigh in every week, even if we had a bad week. And recently, a new Weight Watchers opened up in our area where we can come and weigh in at any time. (Usually, Weight Watcher locations are only open during meeting times so this is very helpful on weeks we can’t make a meeting and can hop over during our lunch to weigh in.)

This week, WW unveiled a brand-new program called Points Plus. It is a completely new program so I thought I would take the time to outline the major changes for people curious about starting WW or long ago members who want to know what’s changed.

  • Fruits and vegetables are now 0 points
    This is one of the biggest changes and I am so happy to see this! On Momentum, a large apple was 3 points and for me, it just didn’t seem worth it to “waste” 3 points on an apple. So I barely ever ate fresh apples. This plan allows for fresh fruit and veggies to be 0 points, giving members ample ways to fit in their F&V servings! This opens up a whole new world to me and I even bought my first fresh pineapple this week! There are exclusions, mainly for starchy veggies like potatoes and corn. And it has to be fresh fruit so those fruit cups are not free. I’m really excited to see how much more fruits and veggies I will begin to eat now that they have a 0 points value!
  • So long calories, fat, and fiber! Hello, protein, carbs, fat, and fiber!
    There is a completely new Points system in town. No longer will you be calculating the calories, fat, and fiber of a food. WW have taken away calories and added in protein and carbs. I’m really excited about this change, because I think it gives a more accurate value on the food. Most of food values have changed. My 2 point oatmeal is now 3 points. A SmartOnes meal that used to be 4 points is now 6 points. I had to buy a new Points calculator, although they were on sale for $6. I believe the only way you can calculate your Points now is through eTools, the calculator, and the iPhone app. (I may be wrong, so please correct me if there are more ways!)
  • With new Points values comes a new Daily Points Target, as well as more Extra Points
    Say good-bye to the old way of calculating your Daily Points Target, there is a brand-new scientific way that WW now calculates it. I get 29 Daily Points and that’s the lowest it can be. When I weighed in and got my sticker to put in my book, it showed my DPT on the sticker. And let’s welcome in the 49 Extra Points we now get with open arms! I use those extra points like they’re going out of style so I’m super excited about having 14 more. While it does all even out since Points are now more, it’s still nice to have more Points to work with!
  • Exercise is different
    At your meeting, you’ll receive a big guide to the program, as well as a new Pocket Guide. In the Pocket Guide, there’s a new way to figure out your exercise points. The way to calculate is the same (time, weight, and intensity) but it’s not exactly the same. (Also, it’s more cut and dry than the slider so I can’t tell myself the pointer looks closer to the 3 than the 2. Dang.) Also, you can now earn up to 6 extra points, instead of the usual 4. Awesome!


I’m sure I’m missing something, but these are the biggest changes that are going to affect members. It’s been an adjustment, but I think I’m going to really love the new program! I love how fruits and veggies are now 0 points because it’ll definitely help me to get in the five servings I need, and hopefully more.

Tell me what you think of the new program, new or current WW members. And if you’re not on WW, I’d love to know what you think of the program in general – good and bad. If you have any questions on WW itself, leave them in the comments!


  1. I tried WW once and the points system just DID NOT work for me! I much prefer counting calories for some reason :)

  2. I have pretty much quit dieting altogether. I follow Geneen Roth's books, which focus more on respecting your body. Nothing is off limits, and I find this works better for me. When something isn't forbidden, I tend not to want it as much. (And I'm down to my high school weight.)

  3. I think I would pretty much be horrible at counting points.

  4. That sounds interesting and yeah for zero points on fruits and veggies! I saw a sign at the hospital today announcing the new changes and it made me think of you.

  5. I've never done WW because it's expensive & I'm perpetually broke... but I'd really like to!

  6. That sounds like a great idea (0 points for fresh fruit) - in fact, so simple, why did it take so long? Nobody should ever be discouraged from eating fresh produce :)

  7. I've always been a little bit cautious about WW, not too sure why. I just remember seeing my mo on the program & her servings seemed SO small and it was just crazy to me. BUT if it works, there's no denying it! I like the new points system from what I can see. 0 points for fruits and veggies just makes sense!! Good luck :)

  8. I'm going to my meeting in the morning to hear about the new plan and I was excited to read about this little preview - thanks!

  9. I keep debating weight watchers. I know a lot of people who have success with it, then stop going and gain the weight right back. I don't know if I can handle a life long commitment.

  10. My Grandma has had MUCH success with WW. I think it is great even if all it does is make you more aware of what you are eating and how much you are exercising. I think this is a common reason many people gain weight -- not realizing how much they are eating. Therefore WW is a good thing!

  11. so very cool! i cannot diet so I don't ever try, haha - but it seems like a good program. glad fruits and vegetables are free!

  12. I dont get the extra points allowance, do you get an extra 49 a week now? amd extra for excerise now?

  13. I have been doing some reseach also on the free veggie points. I know that corn and potatoes have points, I was just wondering how many? I also saw a site that said green peas were starchy also. Please let me know and information you have about which veggies are free and how many points non-free veggies are. Thanks sooo much for the post.

  14. Thank you for all the tips. I used the old point system and I lost 110 pounds. I would love to use the new system:') thank you.


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