Thursday, December 2, 2010

Ten on Tuesday (25) – The Thursday Edition

Since I’m anal about writing my posts the night before, I’m taking a different approach to reverb10. While I will be participating, it won’t be every day, especially since the daily prompts aren’t announced until that day. Expect more reverb10 posts than regular posts, but as this is my blog, I reserve the right to post whatever the heck I want! :)

And without further ado, here is this week’s Ten on Tuesday, hosted by Roots and Rings.

St-Petersburg-Hotel (1) x

1. Where are you from? Have you lived there your whole life?

I’m from St. Petersburg, Florida and I have been born and raised here, which is pretty uncommon! I love the area, even though the summer’s are disgustingly hot and my skin is way too thin to handle the winters here.

2. How would you classify your clothing style?

Probably as casual. I’m big on jeans and tees and while I try to be fashionable with it, it doesn’t always happen. I just like to be comfortable!

3. What kind of car do you drive?

A 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer, with three missing hubcaps which irks me to death. Also, it’s my mom’s car. I’m lame.

4. What would your dream home look like if you could have it (or already do!)?

I’m not sure. I haven’t thought about it too much, since I’m not in the market for a house for a good, long while. I would like to move back to my old apartment with the stainless steel appliances, glasstop stove, and granite countertops. Oh, how I miss that place! (But not the $1200 rent payment!)

5. Do you have kids, and is so, how many and how old were you when you had them?

I do not. Thankfully. I want them, but I say that because making it to 23 with my virginity intact and no kids on my hips with the past I have is a pretty big accomplishment.

6. What is your favorite hobby?

Blogging, of course!

7. Are you going to have any New Years resolution for 2011?

Most definitely. I am a big believer in resolutions, even if they never do seem to come to fruition. I am going to connect them with the goals I laid out in Tuesday’s post, though.

8. What is something, if anything, that you’d want to change about yourself?

My weight. And I will change my weight. But it’s going to take a lot of big changes. I’m a little scared about that part. Can I just hire Jillian Michaels for 3 months?

9. What is something you love about yourself?

My sense of humor. It’s probably the best part of my personality and when I can make someone laugh by something I said? Best feeling ever!

10. Pick one of the following: Someone to cook for you, someone to do your laundry, or someone to do your dishes.

Hands down, someone to cook for me. I hate meal-planning and grocery shopping and cooking in general. I would love for someone to take care of all that for me!


  1. Yah for your hobby!!! Hopefully we can meet up soon. I asked my mom if I could go to FL with her during spring break...we'll see!

  2. I look forward to the reverb10 posts you do share. I'm a day behind on the prompts because I like writing the night before.

    Also, I would love to have someone cook for me.

  3. I would so choose someone to cook for me too! great survey :)

  4. It would be great to have someone to cook for you, wouldn't it? that's what I chose, too. So long as that includes the meal planning & grocery shopping, too! ;)

  5. I would TOTALLY choose someone to cook for me. Maybe then I could branch out with my eating choices!

  6. I'd love for someone to cook for me, too - a built-in dietitian who cooks, preferably!

  7. Hm, I think i'd have someone do dishes. I hate doing dishes.

    Risk is a great word for 2011!

  8. Someone to cook for you- Definitely my choice too! I'm definitely not a good chef but I love eating good food (who doesn't?!)

  9. I really hope I can meet you some day because I love people with a good sense of humor. :)

  10. Ha, I know about being an anal blogger! I haven't even done a Reverb10 post yet; so you are WAY ahead of me!

    I love meal planning and groceries AND cooking!


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