Thursday, February 17, 2011

Back On the Wagon


Five weeks is usually my stopping point. It’s when I realize how tough weight loss is and how I don’t like the pressure weekly weigh-ins put on me. So I quit and try it on my own, only to end up gaining the weight (and then some) back. It follows having a week or two when I don’t track correctly which, consequently, causes me to gain weight. That’s what happened the past two weeks and oddly enough, it didn’t defeat me. I knew what I had done wrong and I knew what I needed to do to get back on track. I knew how I felt on those weeks when I had total control over my eating habits and wanted to capture that feeling again.

And I did. This week went so much better than the past two weeks, where I maintained my weight and then gained over a pound. I was a tracking fiend, making sure to write down every thing I ate, even those things I used to “conveniently” forget about. Tracking can be a pain and a hassle, but absolutely necessary for this journey. I can’t wait for the day when it becomes intuitive for me, but I’m content to take it slow and learn first.

Some great things that happened:

  • I reinstated my No-Coke-Days again, after totally and absolutely failing to drink water during the week. I would really like to get off this addiction I have to soda and I used to have a lot of success with No-Coke-Days. I’m starting with one day a week and will gradually build my days up until it’s only a special occasion type of thing.
  • I exercised 5 days! I actually ran 11.25 miles out of the week, as well as completing pretty kick-ass strength-training routine that I created.
  • I had to turn down home-baked cupcakes on Valentine’s Day. My boss baked them and they were staring me in the face throughout my entire lunch on Monday. Honestly, though, it wasn’t too hard to turn them down. I didn’t really want one and knew I would feel so much better about myself if I resisted. And I did. Yay, me!

I still have a ways to go and a lot of things I need to take our of my diet. But it’s going good and it’s all coming together.

Starting Weight:
159.2 lbs
Current Weight: 153.2 lbs
Net Difference: –6 lbs (-1.6 this week)
BMI: 28 (-1.1 total)


  1. I really feel like you just have an awesome and positive attitude about things, which is half the battle, right?? You should be proud of yourself!

  2. Well done Steph! I really REALLY need to start getting on track as well. I'm going to start by joining a gym this weekend with friends & hopefully that'll motivate me to get started and get into shape. PS you're way better at I am- I could not have given up those cupcakes!

  3. You rock! Keep that positive attitude and you'll get there... and stay there!

  4. Sounds like you're on the right track for success lady!!! I haven't weighed lately but I do feel my pants a little looser so that's a good feeling.

  5. Congrats :) You've definitely got the right mindset. I happen to be on WW too right now and I'm having one of those de-motivating weeks -- I'm kind of scared for my weigh-in tomorrow. When I gain a little, it really kills my drive to succeed -- but it's good for me to see that you've found your second wind even after a few less-than-stellar weeks. Good luck!

  6. Thanks for the link love, lady! I admit I still get stressed about weight/size sometimes and whenever I do I think back to that post!!

    That was one of the most important things for me when I was on my journey. DON'T give up. You slip up once? OK, the next meal or the next day will be better.

    Push through this plateau! You can do it!

  7. Great job Stephany! You are so strong! :D Keep on going girl!

  8. There is birthday cake here today.
    I'm not touching it.
    Keep up the awesome work :)

  9. I'd be okay with no pop days. It's no candy that would seriously KILL me.

  10. Good for you! Getting back on track after falling off track is SO HARD. Something I have yet to figure out. I am proud of you.

    And awesome job on the mileage!!!

  11. You're doing great. Seriously, look at the miles you've run just this month! I know that quitting Coke/pop/soda is hard, but it's something I'm really glad I did. If not just for weight loss, I find that I feel so much better.

  12. The only way I can stay away from soda and candy is by not having it in the house. :)

    Great job on staying committed and getting in your workouts!!! You are going awesome.

  13. You're doing wonderfully! It's hard to pass things up, so go you!


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