Thursday, February 3, 2011

Not Quite a Setback

I had a feeling about this week. About halfway into the week, there was just this feeling that it was going to be one of Those Weeks. While I was staying within my Points and not even using as much of my Extra Points as I usually do, my body was rebelling.

I could pinpoint just what I did wrong. Not enough exercise (only 3 days). Not enough water (although I did drink my 24oz 3 out of the 7 days). And the biggie: eating bad points. While I stayed within my limits, I wasn’t eating the good stuff. The problem with staying within your limits with the bad stuff is that you tend to undereat during another meal to make up for it. So if I had a 20-point lunch, I could only have a 5- or 6-point dinner, unless I wanted to use up the vast majority of my extra points.

It’s never a good idea. But it wasn’t a big setback, just showed me I have to be careful of what I’m eating and whether or not it’s a Power Food that’s going to be good and filling for me. I tracked my food, but would conveniently “forget” certain things I ate.

This isn’t a big set-back for me that causes me to go crazy, cry, and doubt I’ll ever be skinny. I know what I did wrong and I know how to improve it. I want to really put my focus back on tracking and eating Power Foods, drinking more water (24oz a day, for now), and getting in exercise. I really want to strive to do some sort of physical activity every day of the week, even if it’s just a 20-minute walk. I get very lazy or busy with schoolwork that exercise can take a backseat to other things, but I’m going to work hard to do something every day.

Stats (Week 3)
Starting Weight:
159.2 lbs
Current Weight: 153.6 lbs
Net Difference: –5.6 lbs (-0 this week)
BMI: 28.1 (-1 total)


  1. i read a good quote somewhere that said "feeling skinny is not about how you look"...or something like that. I liked it because when I feel good (taking care of myself and eating right) i don't consider the actual waistline! :)

  2. I think it's inevitable that you'll have weeks that are more of a set back - but at least you didn't gain this week! :) You are doing fabulous, keep up the great work!

  3. I think a goal of 20 mins of movement a day is great. It's so easy to get a quick walk in. Especially when it's so warm there ;)

    What do you think caused you to want to eat the "bad" foods this week? Were you having a stressful week?

    I am happy you know that it is not quite a setback and are ready to move forward.

    And P.S., part of my blog post today is about how I have a hard time reading specific weight loss numbers. I hope when you read it, that you know that I think if posting numbers lost/gained helps people, they should do it. I just is a trigger for comparison for me, so I kind of skim that part of blogs. Hope that is okay ;)

  4. Don't let the scale guide you. Yes, you're trying to lose weight but you're also trying to change your lifestyle. If you're changing your eating habits to be healthier, then that's a plus!

  5. I've been thinking about joining Weight Watchers... do you recommend it? Honestly, I'm just scared to try & do anything for fear of failure - which is NOT a good enough reason not to try.

  6. Well guess who said she was going to start eating better and then had McDonald's and Pizza Hut in the same week?

    This girl.

  7. It's hard but at least you acknowledge it and won't give up. I'm having the same problem. All day I tell myself I'm going to the gym and I want to until I get home I find myself needing to complete things before/after dinner. It seems like the only best time to really do go exercise is in the horrible mornings. :-/

  8. Don't give up...everyone slips up now and again. And, I totally understand getting busy and being so tired after work that all I'm interested in doing is eating a bowl of cereal on the couch watching tv!!

  9. Always remember, running or any sort of exercise builds muscles!!! It took my over 3 months after I started running (and being on a normal diet) to drop any sort of weight. You'll be getting there!!! :)

  10. I know one of my biggest problems in eating healthy is that once I go a little off-track, I get discouraged and tend to give up. I really admire that you're recognizing a "bad" habit and taking steps to make sure you don't keep doing it. :)

  11. When I was running, I was drinking 60-80+ oz of water a day. It was absolutely insane, but I was so dehydrated without it! (Of course, that's the only thing I drank usually, unless I had a glass of almond milk in the morning.)

    I think you're doing really well with keeping on track!


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