Saturday, June 25, 2011

Project 365 Saturday: 22 - 28

Last weeks’ installment had to be cancelled since my camera’s memory card needed to be formatted. Whenever I would plug my camera into my computer, the vast majority of my photos wouldn’t appear and I was told they were “corrupted”. I’m not a fan of already having problems with a camera I received just this past Christmas, but the formatting worked and my camera is back to new! And Project 365 Saturday is back in full force!


022 - Game night with my mom and brother. It’s been a while since we’ve had a game night that didn’t include a certain adorable two-year-old so it was fun to actually be able to finish a game! ;) (Doesn’t that pizza look so yummy? I love Cheat Saturdays!)


023 - The view from my patio at my apartment.


024 - Bubble baths are the best after tough workouts. Monday night was a 1-hour spin class and then another hour-long cardio kickboxing session with a personal trainer. I honestly didn’t know he was putting me through an entire workout. Otherwise, I would not have done a spin class beforehand. Whew!


025 - Pictures of my dog sleeping mean nothing exciting happened on Tuesday. But isn’t he adorable?


026 - Speaking of adorable... He turns THREE in three months. That is just not OK. He’s growing up too fast!


027 - Sunshine has become a staple here in Florida. But don’t be fooled. These beautiful days are accompanied by high 90 degree weather and humidity in the 60%’s, which makes the weather seem 10+ degrees hotter. It’s disgusting, really.


028 - Rainy afternoon on a Friday.


  1. I miss that Florida sky. I love my Tennessee sky, but there's just something about Florida sky. (Okay, I realize we're all under the SAME sky, but it just feels different, y'know?!)

  2. Monopoly!!

    You and your crazy florida storms :)

  3. Your workout sounds so tough! I could never make it through a spin class AND an hour of personal training!

  4. I love the glimpses into your world these photos give!

  5. You're never going to lose weight if you have cheat days and binge on pizza. This needs to be a lifestyle change. As in, your whole life. Not just when you feel like it.

  6. It *is* beautiful. But just hot. So hot. And humid. And only June. I don't know what I'm going to do in August.

  7. If you notice, at the end of that photo the sky is lighter. It was literally downpour one second, clear as day the next. Oh, Florida.

  8. I was *thisclose* to throwing up about 40 minutes into the personal training. I don't know how I did it, but have a new, deeper respect for all Biggest Loser contestants.


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