Friday, July 29, 2011

Five For Friday: Questions and Answers

I received some really great questions from you guys! I picked the first 5 to answer and will be back with more as the questions keep rolling in. Here we go!

1. What about VEDA are you most scared of? And most excited for?

VEDA stands for Vlog Every Day in August and last year was its “inaugural year”. (At least for our group.) One day, Ashley sent a tweet that she was thinking about vlogging (video blogging) every day in August and soon we all jumped on board. I wasn’t able to vlog every single day, but I did manage to get a vlog up most days and it was just so much fun. It was fun to meet new faces and put some of my fears out there on Youtube. So when another chance to complete VEDA happened? I was all for it.

I don’t think I’m really scared of anything, more nervous of how I’m going to keep up to make my own vlogs and comment on the number of VEDA-ers that have signed up. I think it’s around 50+, which is way more than we had last year. It was hard enough to keep up with those so I’m just worried about how I’ll be able to keep up.

As for excited? I’m just excited to do it all over again and hopefully make all 31 days of vlogging. I start my job 10 days after it starts so that’ll be an adventure to see how I can keep up, but I’ve already committed to it so I’m going to try my best! (Side note: you can’t cheat and make all your vlogs on the weekend or in one day. That’s why it’s called Vlog Every Day in August. Not 31 Days of Vlogs in August. Hehe.) I’m also excited to meet some new faces and reconnect with old ones. I think the most fun part of VEDA was meeting new people and getting to know them better through their vlogs. Vlogging is just totally different than blogging because you get to SEE people - their expressions, their intonations, their thoughts spoken aloud.

I’m just so stinkin’ excited for VEDA! Who else is doing VEDA?

2. Why are your waiting for your wedding day for your first kiss? Sex, I get; living together, I get. But the kiss? And do you think this will make it even more difficult to find someone?

Waiting for my wedding day to have my first kiss is an idea I’ve been toying with for a long while. It’s not a novel idea, but it is definitely different. And it’s not something I’m as tied to as remaining a virgin until my wedding night or waiting to live together until we’re married. I don’t date much, so I don’t know what will happen once I do find someone I want to date seriously and contemplate marriage with. Will I remain true to wanting to wait until my wedding day for my first kiss? Maybe, maybe not. For right now, I’m leaning towards no. But that could always change. It’s just not something I’m as tied to as remaining a virgin or not cohabitating.

3. What are you most excited about with your new job?

I am excited about so much! Making a lot more money than I do now, having health insurance, being able to buy things like a CAR and a new LAPTOP, being able to support myself, learning so much about a job field I badly want to break into, working with a great group of people, NOT WEARING KHAKIS AND POLOS TO WORK EVERY DAY... do I need to go on? Mainly, I’m excited to start my career and leave a job that isn’t challenging me anymore.

4. Will you continue to live with your mother once you begin your job, or will you look for your own place? It seems like the two of you are a good fit!

I am definitely not interested in moving out any time soon. I love living with my mom and living with her will help me out a lot. Florida has a high cost of living so finding an apartment on my own would be very hard. Plus, it’s going to help out my mom a lot so it’s just a win-win situation all around. And I had a terrible roommate experience the first time around so I’m nervous to repeat that process.

5. Where are your glasses from? They’re great!

Ha! This question is funny because I feel like my glasses are too big for my face. I got them for like $100 total at Visionworks from one of their stacks of glasses. They’re not designer or anything. Just a pair of clunky black glasses. I desperately want new ones.


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