Friday, October 14, 2011

I Believe...

I believe in hard work and the things that we work the hardest for are the most worthwhile.

I believe that exercise can cure a bad mood, much more than chocolate, although chocolate is always the more preferred method.

I believe that the holiday season is the best time of year and nothing else compares.

I believe everyone should go on a cruise at least once in their life.

I believe in the power of social media.

I believe that it’s the quiet ones who have just as much, if not more, to say as the loud ones.

I believe in snacking on spoonfuls of cookie dough.

I believe in rewarding yourself for a job well done.

I believe in goal-setting.

I believe that friends can sometimes be more supportive than your family, but your family will always be the support you look for first.

I believe in celebrating birthdays in a big way.

I believe in a nap doesn’t count unless it is two hours or more.

I believe that abortion is wrong and that you will never convince me differently.

I believe in comfort food and that it is OK to eat your emotions sometimes.

I believe that my dog’s stinky dachshund breath is one of the best smells in the world.

I believe in putting yourself first, not in a self-absorbed way, but in a taking care of yourself way.

I believe in 9:30pm bedtimes.

I believe in our president.

I believe that cookies for breakfast is a perfectly acceptable option some mornings.

I believe that football is the best sport in the world.

I believe in squeezing my dog’s ears every chance I get.

I believe that marriage is so much more than a piece of paper.

I believe in staying up late to finish a good book.

I believe in being real, honest, and raw.

I believe learning how to handle money is one of the most important lessons someone can learn.

I believe in the sweet accomplishment of crossing the finish line of a race.

I believe in my faith and the comfort it brings me.

I believe in my writing and that someday, it will be on the spine of a book.

What do you believe in?

*Post inspired by Kate and San.

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