Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wine and Love, V.7


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Filling up my wine glass...

Stomach problems. My stomach felt funny all day yesterday, leading to a not-so-pleasant night. In an effort to not be too TMI, let’s just say I wanted to cry when I found out the Pepto-Bismol bottle in my bathroom had expired a year ago. My stomach still feels funny today, but I’m hoping this little bug will pass soon. It feels better if I don’t eat but I still have an appetite so it makes it hard not to eat.

Mom’s injury. My mom ran a 16-mile trail race on Saturday and sustained some minor injuries due to a fall around Mile 9. The left side of her ribs have hurt since race day and she couldn’t raise her left arm above her head for most of Saturday. We think she bruised her ribs, or at least that side of her body, because it just hurts when she lays on it (no breathing issues so we’re pretty positive she didn’t break anything). Her arm is feeling better, but is still a little sore. It’s slowed her down a little this week and she has a 15K coming up on Sunday. Say a little prayer she feels 100% for it, because it’s a tough course!

A jury summons. I received my first-ever jury summons in the mail yesterday. I always thought I would be excited for it, but I’m not. I’m a little nervous, but mostly just dreading it. The summons also comes two days before my 90 day probationary period is up at work. Lovely. (AND my job doesn’t pay for jury duty. So now I need to find out if I can get it postponed until I can take paid time off.)

Filling up my life with love...

A week of package deliveries! Yesterday, I received a new iPhone case and running armband (the current one I use is ripping apart from the seams. It’s also 2 years old so it was time for a new one, anyway). Today, my wristlet from Vera Bradley should arrive. And tomorrow, dun dun DUN, my iPhone arrives! Brand-new, sparkly, and beautiful. Can. Not. Wait. This week has felt like Christmas for me.

The Dolphins had a bye week. If you follow professional football, you should know the Miami Dolphins are, once again, the laughingstocks of the league. We’re 0-4 currently and we play the New York Jets (coming off 3 bad losses) on Monday night. It was really, really nice to have a week where my heart didn’t have to break as they give up yet another game.

Making birthday weekend plans. My birthday isn’t until the end of November, but I’m already trying to decide what to do. Last year, I did it up big with a weekend in Orlando and it was one of the best birthdays of my life. There is a part of me who wants to do it again, but another part that doesn’t want to shell out the money. We have passes to Aquatica and Sea World so the only expenses would be the hotel, food, and, of course, outlet shopping. (It’s a must when visiting Orlando!) Thinking about an Orlando trip fills me with so much excitement and happiness, but I wonder if I need to make a smarter financial decision.

Comments and messages. When I published yesterday’s post, I turned off comments because I was scared about the response. I was scared people would write off my worries as nothing major, that I was thinking too hard. But I turned them back on within 30 minutes and had to mentally prepare myself as I read each comment. I am so glad I did. Your comments and messages were amazing and solidified my decision to seek help and figure out how to control this fearful side of me. My fears aren’t irrational, but they are affecting my day-to-day life and that is not normal.

What are your wines and loves for this week?

iPhone users, what are your must-have apps?

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