Thursday, October 27, 2011

Wine and Love, V.8

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Wine-ing about...
This could fall under the love category more than the wine category but my mom and I have been bombarded with fundraisers from work and my own nephew. (Yes, my three-year-old nephew is fundraising for his school.) Through all the fundraisers, we will receive one tin of chocolate-covered pretzels, one tin of Reese’s-like candies, a pack of Auntie Ann’s pretzels, and four tubs of cookie dough. Four. Tubs. Of. Cookie. Dough. I think I may as well kiss any end-of-year weight loss good-bye between that, the holidays, and my birthday.

I’m still not over Miami losing to Denver. I didn’t expect us to win. (At 0-5 before this game, you really stop believing in the W.) But we were up 15-0 with 3 minutes left in the 4th quarter. And yet we somehow managed to let Tim Tebow score two touchdowns, a two-point conversion, and take us into overtime. Which we lost, because Miami doesn’t play past the 4th quarter. (Overtime? Forget it!) Of course, we could have won if Miami could score a friggin touchdown. But they can’t and they lost and Mike Tirico called it the “Tebow game” on Monday Night Football. Right now, I’ll be happy to go 2-14. And that’s just sad.


I’m really excited about the response to the Twitter book chat. The book suggestions were fantastic and I had the best time looking up what each and every one was about. I’m still not sure how I’m going to choose just FIVE for everyone to vote on, but keep your eye out for the poll tomorrow! (And you can still put in your suggestions - or second what others have suggested - if you want!)

I know I may be in the minority with this, but I am loving all the holiday decorations up in the stores. Yes, it’s only October but I only get this time for a couple months out of the year and I want as much time to enjoy it as possible. I went into Bath and Body Works on Friday and it was so wonderful to see all the holiday decorations and new holiday scents. Ahhhh! I had this happy little feeling in the pit of my belly the entire time I was there. Nothing compares to the holiday season, in my book.

I went two days without soda this week! This is my longest stretch without soda in a very long time. I am terribly addicted to it but I know how bad it is for me. I know quitting cold turkey doesn’t work for me, so I’ve worked on dropping how much I drink a day. I’ve been able to cut down to one a day over the past two months and now I’m looking at cutting one or two days a week where I don’t have any at all. I want to get to the point where I don’t depend on it, or need it. I think, more than anything, it’s more of a comfort for me than something I crave. (Surprisingly, I didn’t get a caffeine headache until 53 hours in, which is shocking for me, since it’s usually less than 24 hours in that I get them.)

What’s on your wine and love list this week?

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