Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wine and Love, V.9

Another Wine and Love installment for your Thursday. As always, hosted by the fabulous Nora.

W(h)ining about...

  • Family drama. I have chosen not to get into the family drama happening in my life right now on my blog. While there is plenty I would like to say, I won’t because I’m not going to be accused of airing our dirty laundry on a public space. But there is drama and a lot of hurt. (And I just really hope my future husband has an awesome extended family.)
  • Money, money, money. It’s hard being an adult, yo. I knew I would have a lot more on my plate once I got a full-time job so it’s not a shocker that I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend on clothes and make-up and fun stuff. Basically, when I get paid a portion goes to my mom for bills, $70 goes to a savings account for our upcoming cruise (to pay for my portion + excursions), and the rest goes to my own bills. Sometimes, it leaves me with less than $100 to pay around with, sometimes more. But it’s hard, because I really wanted to start saving money but it just isn’t happening. It’s all been a learning process, though, and I think I’m starting to see how to fit everything in. (Plus, only four more payments to my big credit card and then I’ll be DONE with that. That’s an extra $245 a month for moi.)
  • A tough week, health-wise. This past week has just been tough, health-wise. It takes everything in me to either get up early to go for a run or go to the gym after a long day at work. There are baskets of bite-size candy all around the office and I’m back to wondering why it’s so hard for me to stick to a healthy eating plan while it seems to easy for others. I know I feel better when I eat better, but I’ve been hard-pressed to find many good-for-you meals and treats that fill me with excitement. And I like food a lot, so I need excitement.
  • Friends who are hurting. One thing I love most about this blog is the friends I have made through it, but I desperately, desperately hate when my friends are hurting and I can’t be there, in person, for them. All I can do is offer them a place to talk and give them as much encouraging words as I can.


  • NaNoWriMo started! My first day went wonderfully, I wrote over 2,000 words. My second day? I decided to scrap the story I was writing and begin a new one. The one I’m writing now is flowing a lot better and just feels a lot better but I’m only at 1,077 words currently. I’m going to use the weekend to play catch-up and I’m aiming to be at 12,000 words by the time Monday rolls around. Eek!
  • #twookclub. I think I mentioned #twookclub in my last Wine and Love series, but I can’t tell you how excited I am about the group. We’re at over 40 members currently on our Goodreads group and picked the book last weekend (The Scent of Rain and Lightning by Nancy Pickard). The response has been overwhelming and amazing.
  • Running. Running, you say? Under the love category? YES. Yesterday, I ran (very slowly) for 20 minutes straight and I don’t think I’ve ever run for that long without stopping before. It felt surprisingly easy and maybe a little fun? I didn’t focus on the time or how much farther I had to go, I just focused on making it through each song streaming through my ears. Before I knew it, my Couch-to-5K lady was telling me I only had one minute left and I sprinted to the end. It was an awesome feeling and I’m starting to feel more confident about the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving.
  • Getting a new haircut! (Disregard my previous whine about money, ha!) I am overdue for a new haircut and I’m so excited to get my roots touched up and my hair in a style again. It’s been doing nothing for me for the past week so I’ve been wearing it up more often than not. I’ve decided to grow it out again and donate it to Locks of Love. My plan is to keep it long for my brother’s wedding in May and then cut it all off before I leave for my cruise (the following weekend). Here’s what I’m thinking about:

Hair inspiration  My fall hair inspiration :) 

                 Anne Hathaway

What are you wining and loving this week? Help me choose which picture to take: Mandy, Heidi, or Anne?

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