Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Everyday Moments: October 2011

1 - Being asked to be a bridesmaid in my brother’s wedding.

2 - Sleeping in until 11AM

3 - A really awesome run

4 - Dutch acting like we’d left him at the boarder’s for 12 days instead of 12 hours when we came to pick him up. (Our carpets were getting cleaned so he went to “daycare” for the day.)

5 - Early morning run and seeing the numbers drop on the scale

photo (1)

6 - Ordering an iPhone

7 - Being told to “keep up the good work” by one of my boss’s (the one who scares me the most, at that!)

8 - Taking a 3-hour nap

9 - My brother coming over to watch the 4:00 football game

10 - My first spin class in almost a month

11 - Feeling stronger and fitter when I looked in the mirror

12 - Another solid week of weight loss

13 - A day of eating comfort food while feeling under the weather

14 - Getting my iPhone!

15 - Game night with my mom and brother


16 - Watching my mom PR in her 15K and taking a 2-hour nap before the 1:00 football game started

17 - Making it through spin class, even if I had to take more breaks than usual.

18 - The reveal of the Top 16 on X-Factor

19 - Being in the room as the winner for my work’s latest giveaway was revealed - and being on the conference call when the man found out he had won. Absolutely life changing.

20 - A cold front finally making it’s way in to Florida

21 - Managing the media department by myself for one day. It was the first full day off my boss has taken since she started over a year ago and I hope this means she feels comfortable enough to take more days off!

22 - Sweet moments of laughter with my nephew

photo (2)

23 - Shopping for my “Keep Warm, Look Snazzy Scarf Swap” partner

24 - A lunch date with my mom

25 - Making it an entire day without any soda! (This is major for me.)

26 - Finishing up Week 4 of Couch to 5K with an awesome, awesome run.

photo (3)

27 - Skipping BodyPump and getting a pedicure instead.

28 - A quiet lunch by myself at Panera

29 - Buying Dutch some special Halloween treats

photo (4)

30 - Organizing the first #twookclub chat for November and choosing our first book.

31 - Bite-size Butterfingers. Oh, my heaven.

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