Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas 2011

I love Christmas. Nothing compares to the anticipation this holiday brings me. It was still hard for me to get to sleep on Christmas Eve and I was up probably five times, watching the hours slow-w-w-w-w-ly tick by. But soon, it was 7:30 and time to wake up and open presents!

As always, I was spoiled. Check out the present haul:

A new Vera Bradley hipster (in my most favorite print!) and make-up bag, as well as some make-up from Bare Minerals

photo (1) 
New boots! (I was with my mom when she bought these, to make sure they fit and I liked them.) I’m in love. (Now, Florida, PLEASE GET COLD so I can use them!)

photo (2) 
From my brother. A Kindle Touch. I’m so in love. (I had the Kindle Keyboard but when this one came out, I started lusting after the new design and touchscreen. I am super spoiled, I know.)

photo (3)
A beautiful new bedding set from my mother! It makes my bed look so much more comfy and inviting, which I’m not sure is a good thing. (But oh! So comfy!)

After my mom and I opened our presents to each other, we took our sweet time cleaning up and preparing for Christmas dinner. This year, we went the easy route and picked up a Honey-Baked Ham yesterday. No cooking required, all we had to do was take it out of the fridge thirty minutes before we wanted to eat. (Although I’m not a fan of ham, I am a fan of how easy that was!)

photo (9)

My brother, sister-in-law, and nephew came over a little after 1:00 and then it was time for more presents. My nephew came over in a bit of a grumpy mood which quickly dissipates once we asked him if he wanted to open presents. (For the record, I think he loved my digital camera. It was so amazing to see his eyes light up when he opened that gift.) We may have gone a little crazy with a variety of games, books, clothes, and toys.

photo (11)

The rest of the day went by smoothly and fun. (Luckily, with this meal, there was no bites from Dutch like there was at Thanksgiving!) I love our new tradition of it just being the five of us for Christmas. We’re not rushing around to get to this house and that or having to deal with any drama that inevitably happens within families.

It was another successful Christmas and while I’m a bit melancholy that my favorite time of the year has passed, I’m also excited to reflect on 2011 and make big plans for 2012. From the way 2011 is wrapping up for me, I have a feeling 2012 is going to be an exceptional one.

How was your Christmas? What was your favorite present this year?

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