Thursday, December 22, 2011

Holiday Week: An Obsession of Mine

photo (25)

Sooooo... I have a bit of an obsession with Christmas-themed gel window clings, as referenced by the above photo.

Yes, those are my sliding glass doors.

photo (24)

The obsession started about two years ago when I bought my first window clings at Target. From there, I started picking up little packets every time I saw some that I loved. Wal-Mart. Bed, Bath, and Beyond. But mostly Target. The first year, there was just a lone snowman and a Santa with some snowflakes.

photo (19)

Now? I have candy canes and Christmas trees and penguins and presents and stockings and reindeer and gingerbread men. Christmas lights and more snowflakes than I know what to do with.

photo (21)

My mom has snowman and gingerbread ornaments. I have Christmas window clings. It’s definitely a process setting them up and taking them down every year but I love it. I love seeking out new clings, love setting up new scenes, love the look of them as I walk past my apartment. For some, they may seem tacky but for me, they are just another expression of the utter joy and glee that Christmas brings to me.

photo (20)

Do you have any obsessions when it comes to Christmastime? Spill in the comments!

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