Friday, December 16, 2011

Project 365 {12 - 18}

photo (8)

{012/365; Friday, December 9, 2011} Decadent chocolate cake at a holiday party.

photo (6)

{013/365; Saturday, December 10, 2011} Snuggling in bed with my Kindle and Dutch after an incredibly busy day.

photo (7)

{014/365; Sunday, December 11, 2011} Twisted Peppermint candle from Bath and Body Works to get into the Christmas spirit.

photo (9)

{015/365; Monday, December 12, 2011} Would you believe me if I said these were chocolates? Almost too pretty to eat.

photo (10)

{016/365; Tuesday, December 13, 2011} A yummy lunch at Panera Bread. Sadly, I got my chili with cornbread in it. (I don’t like cornbread in my chili. Maybe I’m weird?)

photo (11)

{017/365; Wednesday, December 14, 2011} This spider crossed just a few feet in front of me and all I said was, “Holy Mother of God!” I didn’t scream, didn’t run away, but instead followed him to take a photo. (And then promptly fled from the room!)

photo (12)

{018/365; Thursday, December 15, 2011} Storm clouds

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